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Sony brings optical stabilization to sports cams

POV cameras have improved immeasurably since the first GoPro hit the market, but new technologies like optical image stabilization are about to shake things up.

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8 Best POV camera gifts

The holidays can be awkward enough without being subjected to crappy POV footage of your family’s outdoor adventures. Help stop the creation of bad video by giving the budding Scorsese in your life one of these great gifts.

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2015 POV Camera Shootout: Best in test winners revealed

Find out about testing protocol and which cameras were tops in the test.

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2015 POV Camera Shootout: Sony Action Cam Mini

Sony’s budget-priced camera delivers high-end performance in a compact, aerodynamic and affordable package.

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First Look: Sony 4K Action Cam FDR-X1000V

Sony goes all in the POV game with a 4k camera with great optics, frame rate, sound quality and splash-proof form factor.

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Video: Casey Brown and her dog Poppy in ‘Tail Gunner’

Video: Canadian rider Casey Brown and her dog Poppy make a bid for World’s Raddest Trail Dog Video.

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Interbike: Sony shrinks their POV Action Camera with the AZ1VR

Awesome image quality, sound and image stabilization now comes in a much smaller package with Sony’s AZ1VR POV action camera.

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First Look: Sony Action Cam POV Camera Video & Photos

First look unboxing intro video, photos and more! The win is a real camera manufacturer is now here to put the focus on the actual equipment and not just lifestyle.

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