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The Angry Singlespeeder: Strava versus eBikes

Both eBikes and Strava have vocal opponents — but which is greater danger to trail access? The Angry Singlespeeder weighs in with his opinion.

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Five important privacy tricks for Strava users

Land managers are using Strava to document illegal trail use, while thieves are using it to steal gear. Click through to learn five ways to protect yourself and the trails you ride.

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Zwift combines social video gaming with indoor cycling in new training platform

An online subscription gaming and training platform announced yesterday promises to help break the monotony of indoor cycling workouts and usher users into a world where video game technology, social networking and indoor cycling converge in a “massive multi-player online game” called Zwift.

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Tech Review: New Strava update boosts photos, mapping features and more

‏Update of Strava’s mobile app adds photo sharing and social features to free version, while compelling features and cycling support efforts make Premium subscription more appealing.

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Why Strava Sucks

What do you call two people going for a bike ride? A race. What do you call two people with Strava going for a bike ride? A race that never ends.

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Why Strava Doesn’t Suck

It’s not Strava’s fault that some people can’t distinguish between the reality of their mediocre cycling ability and the fantasy of their contrived on-line cycling identity.

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Strava Cycling App for iPhone – New Social Features Added

Strava is an Mtbr favorite around the office. Whether it be by iPhone or by Garmin, Strava really is THE killer app for cyclists. We have gone more in-depth about what Strava is and what it does in earlier write-ups and we have even covered the controversy and lawsuits involving Strava, but in-short, Strava is […]

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Strava sued over death of William Flint in Berkeley Hills

William “Kim” Flint was a 41-year-old electrical engineer who died in a cycling accident in the summer of 2010. It appears he was descending a road in the Oakland Hills in California, braked hard and lost control and the crash proved fatal. The family of a William Flint is now suing Strava, who’s website allows bikers […]

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Strava – The Social Stopwatch

What is Strava? We’ve been using Strava for over two years and have seen it spread across the map like some kind of virus with no known vaccine. In general terms, Strava is a gps mapping software that plots your bike gps data on a map and collects stats. What really makes it special though […]

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Take on A Classic Challenge from Specialized

Announcing A Classic Challenge from Specialized Gear up for some serious climbing to celebrate (and suffer) the Spring Classics Riders, do you think you can climb the cumulative elevation of five Spring Classics in 45 days? Do you think you can do it not just once, not twice, but three times? Now is your time […]

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