Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild now comes in multi-serving bags

Recovery drink based on a patent-pending complete protein formula

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Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild now available in multi-serving bags

Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild provides an efficient complete protein, which means that more protein goes directly toward recovery.

Responding to demand from customers, Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild recovery drink is now available in 15-serving bags online and at specialty retailers.

Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild is among the first recovery drinks based on a patent-pending complete protein formula that is an all-natural, vegan and gluten-free protein drink. Its aim is to repair muscles more efficiently, restore energy quickly, and helps athletes feel better faster after an intense training session or race.

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Developed using a patent-pending mathematical model to build a complete protein in an efficient manner, Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild combines an organic rice and coconut milk-based formula with a combination of essential building blocks (carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes, and protein) to replace depleted glycogen stores, rebuild broken down muscle fibers and mitochondrial protein, and restore hydration and electrolytes.

Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild provides an efficient complete protein, which means that more protein goes directly toward recovery – nearly two times as much as chocolate milk and three times as much as many other recovery drinks for the same serving size.

Rebuild is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free and contains slow and fast-burning carbohydrates, healthy fats from coconut milk and just the right amounts of electrolytes to WHO rehydration standards. The powder easily mixes with water for a smooth and delicious-tasting drink that is designed to be consumed in the all-important 30-60 minute metabolic window after endurance exercise.

“Our customers are thrilled with the results from using Rebuild for recovery,” said Jenny Vierling, co-founder of Tailwind Nutrition. “But nearly every day we receive a request asking for Rebuild in a bag instead of stick packs. We are excited that we can finally deliver a multi-serving bag that not only will provide more value to customers, but also reduce the amount of packaging as well.“

Made in the USA by fellow endurance athletes at the company’s headquarters in Durango, Colorado, Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild 15-serving bags are available in chocolate and vanilla flavors and will retail for $39.

To learn more head over to www.tailwindnutrition.com.

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  • AA says:

    Hmm, more value — so now there is a multi-serving option which is only hideously expensive, instead of outrageously expensive.

    The single serve packs look very intriguing and would fill a niche for me, would love to try some, but at $3 a pop they’re pretty much out of the question for any kind of regular use, so what’s the point..

  • myke says:

    it is expensive but the price is on par with other high quality protien powders.

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