Tepui Expedition Series bag review

A versatile bag for rooftop storage, travel and gear

It sits nicely on the roof rails or on theroof itself.

It sits nicely on the roof rails or on theroof itself (click to enlarge).

Lowdown: Tepui Expedition Series Bag

This bag was made to sit on one’s roof to carry gear and increase the cargo capacity of a vehicle. That means that it is rugged and ready for the elements. It’s very good at that task with its 120 liters of capacity. But it’s not cheap at $190 so we looked for other uses as well to leverage one’s investment.

It turns out to have other uses as well, most notably as a gear bag. It has compartments dividing up its massive capacity, and it’s easy to wheel in and out of the house. No longer do we have to do three trips just to haul our junk in and out of the car for rides.

And finally, we took it in an airplane as luggage for a long trip. Read on to find out how it fared.

Stat Box
Capacity: 120 Liters of storage space Heat resistance: 158 degrees Farenheit
Roller system: 2 wheels Exterior dimensions: 35.5″ x 18″ x 12”
Material: Polyester coated with a synthetic resin Price: $190
Durability: Water and abrasion resistant Rating: 5 Flamin' Chili Peppers 4.5 out of 5

  • Very rugged build w/ burly zippers
  • $190 is steep for a bag
  • Big capacity where gear is all visible
  • Internal compartments don’t stay in place
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Convenient wheels for rolling heavy cargo around
  • Multiple uses
  • Awesome colors

Review: Tepui Expedition Series Bag

We’ve been using the Tepui cargo bag for a couple of months now and it’s been very handy indeed. It seems to be built with the highest quality to withstand the heat and moisture sitting on the roof of a car. Its base concept is an interesting one, use a cargo bag on top of the roof to create modular space when needed. It allows one to purchase a smaller car and add modular space when needed. And it surprised us with a couple extra uses.

It's part of a storage solution system.

It’s part of a storage solution system (click to enlarge).

On top of the car, the bag sits nicely on the roof or preferably a half-cage carrier on the roof. It is affixed to the roof with straps (not included) fed in the mid-height loops around the bag. It’s no cargo box by any means but it does offer 120 liter of storage and that can be a godsend on camping trips and extended family trips. The zipper opens the whole top fully so the bag contents can be accessed easily without having to take the bag off the roof.

It stands pretty tall to give it 120 liters of capacity.

It stands pretty tall to give it 120 liters of capacity (click to enlarge).

Our second use for the bag was the most intriguing one as we tried it as a bike gear bag. It may have been a hair big for a single person bag but it sure was handy. Imagine everything you’d possibly need for a ride, have it separated in compartments with enough room for clean and dirty clothes, protection, food and tools. A great bonus is because the whole top flips over when opened, everything is easily visible and accessible. Our favorite feature in this application is one’s gear can easily be wheeled in and out of the car for the rides. Before this, we consistently had to make three trips from the car to the garage just to empty the car after a good adventure ride.

It's full of gear, tools and beer.

It’s full of gear, tools and beer (click to enlarge).

And finally, to leverage the investment, we tried using it as airport luggage as well. It sure did the job without any excess fees and it was manageable to wheel it around the airport. It doesn’t have a long handle so you have to pull it to the side to avoid hitting the back of your thigh with it. A bonus features is it’s like a drawer already when laid out in the hotel room. Another one is very easy to spot and identify when retrieving luggage the at the baggage claim carousel.

It's big and handy but it won't fit in this coupe.

It’s big and handy but it won’t fit in this coupe (click to enlarge).

  • 120 Liters of storage space perfect for storing air mats, camping chairs, sleeping bags and more
  • Sturdy roller bag wheels make it easy to move around when fully loaded
  • Made from high strength polyester canvas coated with a synthetic resin
  • Water and abrasion resistant
  • Easy to clean Heat resistant up to approximately 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Exterior dimensions: 35.5″ x 18″ x 12”

Tepui’s main product line is rugged rooftop tents. And with this attention to detail and quality we see in these bags, we’re excited to try out some of their tents.

For more information, visit tepuitents.com.

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