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Las Vegas, where nothing is as it seems (OK..the dust, heat, and bloodshot eyes are real) and your money magically vaporizes from your wallet only to end up in some guy named Vinnie’s Dubai bank account.

Oh joy, Las Vegas, Interbike 2009. The Hive attended the 2009 edition of bike industry’s most important popularity contest…well, lets just say we snuck in and ended up walking away with a few very nice pats on the back. The word on the street was this: Revl Carbon Road Brake Calipers have landed in the US. Introduced to the world only a month earlier at Eurobike, the cougar was let out of the bag stateside and came home with some tasty little morsels for us. The media took notice of the brakes we had installed on Parlee Bicycles fleet of demo road bikes and they wanted more. Take a look at the write-ups in the Interbike coverage on and also on and keep an eye out for full reviews coming out soon.

There we quite a few other sightings of products by The Hive at Interbike this year: Santa Cruz Bicycles had our Chub Hubs which they spec on a large number of their bikes. Ibis was showing our Fifteen.G Cranks which come stock on the Tranny SS (Yes…all it needs now is some Chub), Edge Composites was lucky and kind enough to show some of the few Prototype geared Chubs in existence, Phil Wood showed some of our 100mm BB snow bike cranks which will be available directly through Speedway Cycles in Alaska and finally Yakima was showing a custom Soulcraft Road Bike with Chub-o-type road geared hubs.

Coming next month to San Francisco is the SF Bike Expo put on by our good friends over at Ride SFO. On November 21st the Cow Palace will be over run with bicycles. There will be a cross race, exhibitor booths, a bike swap and sale and a dirt jump contest put on by Chub team rider Andrew Taylor. It should be a good time, if you live in the area (or are willing to travel) we hope to see you there!

SSWC09: Durango, CO. Alas, we have sinned.

HuhThe dog ate our homework, we ran out of gas, flatted with no tube or pump, and when it was all said and done…we simply decided to stay home and brainstorm excuses instead of drive half way across the county to CO the weekend before Interbike began. OK, we were busy doing our hair. So, we rested our laurels on some of our riders and friends showing up and kicking some okole instead…and that they did. Todd Ingermanson of Black Cat Bikes was rolling his 1 speed with both Chub and Fifteen.G goodies. Soulcraft Team Rider Keith Marchando and Marin Bikes Team Rider Yuri Hauswald both threw down the gauntlet of fun on the state of CO. In a place where the amount of fun you have is more important than the place you finish in the race….we can safely say that both Yuri and Keith WON SSWC09 while riding their Chubs and Fifteen.G cranks by the Hive (OK they both posted some damn fast times too!). Neither one of them will fess up to knowing this guy but both wholeheartedly agreed that the different plaid patterns should NEVER be worn at the same time…looks horrendous:

Product News:

No rest for the weary as The Hive continues to pump out new goodies for your cycling pleasure. While we may not have invented this concept we do agree with it: New for NOW: Since we have never been a fan of assigning model years to our products, we always have a steady flow of new goodies coming down the pipeline and being released. Why wait to release some thing great? Here is whats happening this month:

  • Revl Carbon Road Calipers: With much anticipated launch of our Carbon Road Calipers The Hive also christens our new Road Product Category called Revl. Featuring compression molded full carbon arms with no alloy skeleton, the Revl Carbon calipers also feature Ti hardware and industry leading Swissstop pads. Don’t let these single pivot brakes fool you, we use our Rockarolla link to increase leverage and power; and despite being only 115g per wheel (w/pads and holders of course) these stylish brakes stop with an amazing amount of power and control. For all the details, check out Revl page on our website: Revl by The Hive. The Revl Carbon Calipers are our first road offering but surely not our last…stay tuned for more to come. The Revl Carbon Calipers are in stock and shipping now! Call us in the office or drop us an email to get your you set.
  • Blackout SS Front Hub: Change the color, call it new! If only it was that easy. Actually, if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that our SS hubs have been garnering quite a bit of praise recently from Dirt Jumpers, 29er guys, and everyone else in-between. We first introduced the Silver/Carbon hubsets and a Black/Carbon Dirt Jumper rear hub to be paired with our Thru Front. Well, the people have spoken and we now also offer black SS hubsets with the introduction of our Black/Carbon SS Ft Hub with our new hi-fi graphics. Dr. Dirt says “Take 2 and call us in the morning”.

News and Notes

  • 2010 Sponsorship: Calling Grassroots riders!!! Do you race? Are you fast? Do you race alley-cheetahs instead of alley-cats? Do you eat ramen so that you can save money to buy bike parts? Most importantly, are you a great spokesperson? The Hive is now accepting sponsorship applications for the 2010 racing season. Please print out and send your resume via SNAIL MAIL to the address listed here.
  • Decline Magazine Review: “This is one of the most responsive and crisp-feeling wheelsets we’ve ever ridden.” Check out this months Decline Magazine Collectors Edition 2009 and have a look at the review they did of our DJ Chub’s. To say they liked them would be an understatement. The review is here, the hub details are here, and you can buy them here.
  • COG Magazine Review Teaser: COG magazine has been testing some of our Fixed gear hubs for several months now. Things are coming to a head and we are starting to get feed back. Dave Mundson, the lucky guy testing the hubs had this to say: “So far I’m really, really liking the hubs. I like everything about them. I have yet to find anything about them that I don’t like. They are superbly made, wonderfully designed, and they also look really, really cool.” Keep an eye out for a full review in COG #8 which is coming out in early December…we think you know what to expect.
  • International Players Club: The Hive was busy this year setting up distributors all across the globe to help spread the good word. Everywhere we went, people got Chub from The Hive products. We added distributors in Asia, Australia, Europe, and both South and North America. Recently, our Italian Distributor 4Guimp, sent over a link to some Iphone wallpapers they have available on their site. Check them out: The Hive iphone wallpapers by 4Guimp. We like them all, but are particularly fond of this one. Go ahead, give your phone some Chub.
  • The Hive on film. The Hive is working with Christopher San Augustin ( to produce some film shorts. Chirstopher has done work for several other bay area cycling companies and does some impressive work. When it is all said and done there should be 3 artistic shorts: One film showcasing the artistic values of the Chub Fixed hubs, a second focusing on technical aspects and finally, the third will be a montage of the final wheelbuild. Art is cool, but art about bikes is even better. Stay tuned for updates and teasers…and never rush an artist.

source: the Hive

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