The Norco Roundup – Are You Ready For Your Ride


Are You Ready For Your Ride
The Ride to Conquer Cancer is Here

Months of training, fundraising and anticipation are coming to close; the 2012 Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer is almost here! The first of four tours starts on June 9th in Toronto Ontario. This will be followed shortly by Vancouver BC, Calgary AB and Montreal QC. Between these four tours more than 10,000 riders will cumulatively ride more than 2.2 million kilometers and will raise an estimated $30 Million for cancer research. Read More

Your Next Race
Suburban Rush

Racing means different things to different people. While some strive to be the worlds best others participate more for the thrill of on event and achieving personal goals. We hear about the Giro, the Tour and the Olympics but what about the race coming up in your own backyard?. A race doesn’t have to be broadcast on TV or have a rainbow striped jersey attached to it. Any race where you can have fun and experience some healthy competition is the best race possible. Read More

Share the Love

So how hard it is? How hard is it to give another rider going the other direction a wave? Or to say “hey, howzit?” to a rider you meet or see out on the trail, or to give a younger or newbie rider a couple of complimenting words after seeing them ride, or while you are passing them. You know, it really isn’t that hard, goes a long way and yet there seems less and less people doing it? Read More

Source: Norco News

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