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Ride88 Truck Rack

The Ride88 is a clever mounting solution for truck owners.

If you own a truck, there are a dozens bike mounting options at your disposal. You can use a tailgate pad, motorcycle tie downs, north shore style hitch racks, or even PVC pipe. But you may be seeking a more integrated solution.

That’s why Jerry Lathrop, a designer with over fifteen years of experience in the motorcycle industry, developed Ride88. This bike rack resembles a motorcycle wheel chock, but features a mechanism that locks down on the front wheel using a large lever arm. With this system, it takes just a couple of seconds to secure a bike. Hit play on the video above for the quick How To.

Ride88 Bike Rack 2 Bike Setup

On a full size pickup, you can mount up to five bikes.

The rack can be drilled directly into the bed, or attached to a crossbar, which mounts directly into the stock toolbox mounting area. On a full size truck, you can easily accommodate up to five bikes side by side.

Ride88 Profile View

The design does not contact the frame.

The design works with anything from a 24” to 29” wheel. The current design can also handle 4” wheels, although they’re already thinking about a version for 5” tires. If you’re into BMX, you’ll need an additional part to accommodate the mini wheels. They plan on selling the adapter for roughly $20.

If you’re interested, Ride88 is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. A single rack will set you back $180 USD. They are currently at 20k of their 130K goal, with 24 days to go.

For more info, visit Kickstarter.

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  • onesojourner says:

    Thule makes the thule insta-gator. It is $180 and holds one bike. This rack at $150 with at least a 2 bike capacity might be intriguing. I can toss one bike in my truck bed easily with no damage. This is only useful for hauling more than one bike. If I am reading this right, the cost of a 2 bike system is $417. Ouch…

  • Sun says:

    I think this is a nice project/ product and when I first spotted it I thought for certain I would be ordering one to mount in my 2018 GMC Canyon I have on order. However, I can’t see taking the risk that I will never even receive a product or it will not operate as intended to save, what $20-30?

    I thought the entire point of Kickstarter was that there was some risk, but in trade you bought a groundbreaking product at around 50% off retail?

    At these ‘savings’ I’m left with the obvious choice to just wait for the product to be available for retail purchase, reviews to be published, and make an informed decision from there.

    I wish the designer and the potential investors, good luck with their project.

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