Thieves steal 160 Rocky Mountain bicycles from container

Bikes stolen in Vancouver were all 2019 models, mainly full suspension

Thieves steal 160 Rocky Mountain bicycles from container

A huge cache of bikes such as these were stolen in Vancouver last week.

Bad news out of British Columbia last week. During the night of Monday, September 24, a container full of 160 Rocky Mountain bicycles was broken into, and every single bike was stolen. The container was on the grounds of the bike maker’s warehouse in North Vancouver. The 160 bikes were all 2019 models, brand new, and would have been received into the warehouse and then sent out to their network of dealers in Canada based on their orders.

“We are very disappointed with this situation, and the impact that it has on our IBD network. We have dealers across Canada that were expecting to receive their order from us in the coming weeks,” said Raymond Dutil, CEO of Rocky Mountain.

The full list of 160 bikes, complete with individual serial numbers, is available at the link below. Rocky Mountain is urging any dealers that come across any of these bikes with matching serial numbers (or serial numbers removed), to contact them at [email protected] so that they can transmit the information to the Vancouver Police Department, who are handling the investigation.

Key Facts
  • 160 new bikes were stolen from Rocky Mountain’s warehouse in British Columbia
  • The bikes were all 2019 models, mainly full suspension
  • A police investigation is underway with Vancouver Police Department
  • Please see the complete list of serial numbers HERE

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  • TimmyS says:

    Probably an inside job or someone was watching. Kind of dumb though to keep a trailer outside with 160 bikes in it. You would think someone saw something. The thieves would have had to have a vehicle big enough to haul all the bikes away in. I am sure if any bikes get posted on the net that they will be shopped. That’s a lot of bikes to unload at a bar with “psst buddy you wanna buy a hot bike?”!!

  • C. says:

    This reeks of an inside job. Easiest way to compensate for company shortcomings is to stage a false flag. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if someone in the company had them stolen and thereafter shipped out of country. It’s the only thing that makes sense considering the sheer size of the theft.

  • Nikolai says:

    Most if not all of them would be sold off for parts. Frames will be sandblasted and serial numbers scrubbed. Similar method used for stolen automobiles and motorcycles. Just the scum of this small blue marble we live on.

  • Lisa Ebner says:

    Ya, how the heck do you steal 160 bikes?? Even in their boxes… 160 bikes! No security cameras? This is very fishy.

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