This is why you should never ride a fat bike

That moment when you drop your bike on an electric fence

Fat Bike Video
Fat Bike caught on an Electric Fence

Is this a new Monty Python skit? It should be…

Have you ever accidentally touched an electric cow fence? Not fun. Now imagine accidentally getting your bike tangled in said fence. Even less fun. According to the YouTube description of this video, the rider was pushing his bike over the fence when half way through he realized it was electric and dropped it. What ensues is slapstick at its best. [Warning: Video includes smattering of “colorful” language.]

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  • Don says:

    What surprised me most was how downhill Voodoo has gone. I’m guessing Joe Murray is no longer involved.

  • Murphy says:

    What does this have to do with fat bikes being bad? The tyres definitely weren’t at fault here, so if anything, your argument would be never buy a bike. And, “because it will get stuck in an electric fence” is a stupid reason. Sorry, this just made me angry.

  • Matt says:

    Did Shimano consider this situation when designing Di2? Ride home single speed with smoke coming out of the derailleur.

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