This pole snapped Greg Minnaar’s Santa Cruz V10

Carbon fiber DH bike takes on wooden post — the post wins

Greg Minnaar V10 29 Pole

The post that broke Greg Minnaar’s Santa Cruz V10 wasn’t small. Catch the video to get a better feel for its size and see the damage it caused.

At World Cup finals, Greg Minnaar had a nearly catastrophic encounter with a wooden post. We say nearly, because aside from a few bruises, he managed to walk away unscathed. His bike? Not so much…

Entering a corner towards the top of the track, Minnaar’s front washed out, which sent him catapulting down the track. As he tumbled, his frame made direct contact with a wooden post (which probably should have been wrapped) and snapped in half. The incident was widely circulated on the internet after the incident, but if you haven’t seen it, check out the video above.

Curious how the post faired? Scroll to 13:40 in this video. After the incident, Steve Peat and Jason Marsh (Minnaar’s mechanic) shook the post out of the ground and brought it down for examination. In the crash video, the post didn’t seem very large, but your opinion might change when you see it against Steve Peat’s 6-foot-3 frame.

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  • chase says:

    Boy. Santa Cruz must be getting some serious blowback to go to this extent of explaining that incident. Interesting.

  • Cooper says:

    I think it’s pretty clear from the slo-mo video that the frame was not broken before it hit that pole. But the real takeaway from all this is that Greg walked away unscathed, his team put a new bike together in what has to be record time, and then Greg rode that bike on an awesome qualifying run. That guy has some amazing skill and steely nerves. Great work Syndicate!

  • Forrest says:

    Can’t understand these people who keep saying the frame was snapped before hitting the pole. The video clearly shows it wrapping around the pole and snapping, prior to that he washes his front wheel and that is all. There is HD video showing it! That you can watch frame by frame if you really need to. I guess the world is flat too, eh?

  • Cooper says:

    @chase – highly doubtful they’re getting “blowback” as it would be baseless anyway. I’m sure SC is bummed about the break, but no frame would have survived such a hit.

    @Forrest – I don’t know where folks got that idea either. the frame struck a solid pole at high speed and broke — end of story.

  • Lou says:

    It’s surely because Trump got elected.

  • Rod Greely says:

    Santa Cruz makes questionablr durability bicycles.

  • Andrew Jean says:

    Bike frames are engineered to take and withstand very different force loads than hitting a pole like that. I’m sure I could get my Louisville Slugger and whack the side of any of the tubes on my Specialized or Trek carbon frames and they would split just the same. They are made to withstand completely different forces than a direct, hard impact from the side… just sayin’

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