Top tips for wet winter riding

Layer up and get ready to send it

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Winter riding doesn't have to be a drag.

Winter riding doesn’t have to be a drag.

Riding in the winter can be rough. It’s cold, the trails are slippery, and you’re gonna get wet. To help prepare yourself, follow these five great tips from the crew at Global Mountain Bike Network.

And just in case you can’t watch video at work, here’s a little recap:

  • Keep up your momentum. When the trails are damp, average speeds decrease. Save yourself the frantic pedaling by trying to keep your speed up.
  • Layer up. Staying warm in cold weather is an art form. You want to start with a good base layer, followed by a riding jersey, and some breathable outers.
  • Wear eye protection. Getting mud in your eyes is no fun. Look for lenses with lighter tints, or just pick up a pair of cheap safety glasses from the hardware store.
  • Proper technique. All that rain means the trails can be slippery. Your bike will want to slide around underneath you, so stay calm and look where you’re going. It’s also worth practicing your wheelies and bunny hops, so you can avoid a soaking through puddles.
  • Location, location. Not everyone

    can afford a vacation, but if your trails are easily overwhelmed by rain, consider taking a road trip to other riding destinations. Trail networks that might be unrideable during the summer due to loose conditions can be extremely rewarding during the winter months.

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