Topeak's Baby Seat II offers superior safety and ease of use


Oh baby, what a bicycle seat…


When it comes to taking your child out for a ride on your bicycle, you always want to err on the side of caution. With many child bicycle seats, however, you can spend more time setting up and adjusting the seat—and then removing it—than time out on the road. And even then you’re not always certain of how safe the seat is. Topeak’s newest child seat, BabySeat™ II, installs and removes in seconds, while offering a six-point harness for the utmost in child safety.

Baby Seat II’s other safety features include a new wrap around seat design with integrated roll bar that creates a cocoon of protection. In addition, BabySeat II features a suspension system between the seat and the rack that helps isolate children from bumps and jolts—and that creates a more pleasurable ride for grownups and kids.

“When it comes to taking your child out for a ride, your number one priority is their safety,” said Neal Todrys, president of Todson, Inc, Topeak’s U.S. distributor.
“To that end, the BabySeat II has passed the most stringent European and Japanese safety standards,”

The BabySeat II includes a tubular aluminum rack, which is disc brake compatible, and features fast and easy BabySeat removal. That makes transitioning from a bike ride with your child to running a few errands an activity that literally takes seconds.

Adds Todrys, “Like a number of Topeak’s products, the BabySeat II works with Topeak’s quick trac system. So, removing the seat and snapping on Topeak’s Trolley Tote, wire baskets or any other bags takes a matter of seconds, too.”

Light in weight (6.9 lbs), BabySeat II is molded from sturdy, engineering grade plastic and can hold a child up to 48 pounds—larger than your average pre-schooler. With dimensions of 23” x 15 ½” x 30 ½” and adjustable foot rests with straps, the BabySeat II can also safely accommodate most of the taller pre-schoolers as well.

“When cycling is your passion, it’s difficult to just put it aside once you start a family. With the BabySeat II, you really don’t have to,” said Todrys. “With the BabySeat II, you can safely introduce your child to cycling without the fuss. It really is the best of both worlds for cycling families.”

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World Class Sports Accessories
Todson, Inc., the exclusive importer for Topeak for the U.S., is committed to providing the best in sports accessories to consumers around the globe. Over the past 16 years, Topeak has risen to become the top cycling accessories brand in the world.

In addition to Topeak cycling accessories, Todson is the distributor of renowned OnGuard line, the toughest line of power sport, bike and gear security products in the world. The OnGuard line is available only through authorized dealers. Recognized for their legendary anti-drill and pick-proof M-Cylinder mechanism and flat key lock system, OnGuard’s locks, whether key or combination lock, are tested, approved and certified to guard bikes or power sport vehicles the world over. OnGuard is the leading lock brand in Europe, in particular, Amsterdam, the bike theft capital of the world.

Todson has successfully marketed recreational goods for more than 50 years. Now in its third generation of family ownership, Todson specializes in strategic sales and marketing, distribution, brand management and e-commerce. For more information about Topeak cycling accessories and OnGuard Locks, visit

source: Steven V. Dubin, PR Works for Todson

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