Trek boss offers president-elect Trump advice

John Burke speaks out in new book 12 Simple Solutions to Save America

John Burke is the president of Trek Bicycles. He claims he is not a Republican or Democrat. He’s just deeply interested in the future of our country.

John Burke is the president of Trek Bicycles. He claims he is not a Republican or Democrat. He’s just deeply interested in the future of our country.

Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m a news junkie. But I’m sick of all the Donald Trump coverage. There’s a good chance you are too, which is probably why you’re pleasantly spending a few minutes on Mtbr instead of CNN. However, there’s a reason the media reports on every minuscule scandal or story. People love clicking on these stories. So when the opportunity to use Donald Trump and Trek Bicycles in the same headline arises, you have to take it. Now that we’ve gotten past the disclaimer (and half-hearted apology), let’s move onto the gist of this post.

John Burke is the president of Trek Bicycles. He built the billion-dollar business with his father out of a red barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Today, it’s one of the biggest players in the global cycling industry. He recently released a political playbook entitled “12 Simple Solutions to Save America.” According to pundits who have read it (I have not), the book mixes liberal and conservative ideas. Press play to her from Burke himself.

The impetus for this book project began at his son’s graduation ceremony where the commencement speaker asked the audience to “do something for your country.” Unlike his sister Mary Burke, who ran as the Democratic candidate for Governor of Wisconsin in 2014, John felt he could best serve America by writing a book that provided simple solutions to major issues.

Recently, Burke turned to the Huffington Post to share some of his concepts. His top three tips include: fix congress, reform campaign finance, and create a higher performance government. Accompanying each of these recommendations are well-thought suggestions, such as, “If a congressional member has a net worth over $2 million they should work for free. No salary, no gold-plated health care program, no pension. We are $19 trillion in debt.”

Burke claims that, “These ideas are not conservative, they are not liberal, they are common sense ideas that would benefit all Americans.” He then goes on to wish Trump the best of luck as President.

To read the full article, visit the Huffington Post. To learn more about Burke’s book, visit his 12 Simple Solutions website.

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  • RP says:

    Funny coming a company that has all its manufacturing overseas. I’ll give a step you can start with, bring back manufacturing.

    • Saris Mercanti says:

      Don’t quote me on this, but I believe Trek manufactures their high end OCLV frames here in the United States. They also paint/assemble all the Project One Bikes here in the US. If I recall correctly, they’re the only major player to do so. Granted, the OCLV and Project One bikes account for only a small percentage of total sales, BUT that’s not the point.

      • Chris says:

        Not any more.
        My 1995 Y33 was $3000 and American made.
        My 2014 Madone 7 is American made. It’s one one the main reasons I went with the Madone 7 over the Madone 6.

        My 2015 Remedy 9.8 (a $5900 bike) was made in Taiwan.
        My 2015 Farley 8, a $3500 bike, made in Taiwan.
        Even the Remedy 9.9 is Taiwan made.

        That is sickening to me.

  • David says:

    Please get rid of the picture of T****’s distorted visage. I can’t take it first thing when the site opens, or any time for that matter….

  • Sonny says:

    I can agree with some of his points, but what will hurt Trek the most is their welding is done primarily in Taiwan and China. President Trump has already shown great interest in un-doing the Trade deals with China and Mexico his first 10 days in office, so Trek might want to start whirring the gears up in Waterloo, or else lose millions of dollars.

  • alias says:

    Here is an insider tip for those who say ‘bring jobs back!’
    Manufacturing jobs are starting to move away from China in the last few years. The reason for this? High labor costs….yes, high labor costs…. say it with me: High labor costs. China is too expensive, You are living in a fantasy dream world if you think any bike manufacturing jobs are coming back to the USA. Cambodia, Vietnam or Bangladesh are where your next mid range bike will be from.
    Personally I’ll take a Taiwan frame any day of the week, talented and motivated workers and well run factories are just two reasons why…

  • R. Wilson says:

    I read the article by Mr. Burke. Some very good ideas, most of which I agree with AND have been said by others. However I don’t believe cutting back military spending would be a good idea especially when there is so much unrest in the middle east and the increasing threat from radical Islamic terrorism. Now if someone invents a special “Peace Virus” and sprays it over every country in the middle east ( and lets not forget North ) then yes, then we can cut back on military spending. ~~I’ve noticed some readers have requested the removal of the photo of the new president elect. I’m not asking that it be removed but that a more dignified photo be used. Strange but when I browse the net I keep seeing *like photos on various websites… .(. *photos that show a distorted facial expression ) and in case of the one being used on MTBR it makes him look like some weird human weasel and like something out of a Harry Potter movie. I can only assume this is being done on purpose. If it’s not then the editor is not doing his/her job.

  • p brig says:

    LOL from the company that ripped off Dave Weagle’s design!

  • Steve says:

    Kinesis used to make most aluminum frames for nearly every brand in the early to mid 2000’s including my old Santa Cruz Heckler and Bullit that were proudly labeled “Made in the USA.” There were many companies that could make that claim wen Kinesis had so much of the manufacturing done here. Now, it seems, they have packed up most of their North American manufacturing but still make frames for many brands. Including Trek. What I am saying is that the fact that the companies used to be able to say “Made in America” was not necessarily a deliberate choice but it just so happened that Kinesis still made frames here.

    The day we are willing to drop our standard of living somehow to engage in semi-skilled labor at $9 an hour and repeal Environmental regulations to the detriment of the health of ourselves and our planet is the day manufacturing comes back to our shores.

    Either that, or we all pay more money for goods made here and be content with fewer “things” in exchange or the ability to manufacture our own goods again.

    • John Sage says:

      Wrong ideas.
      There is simply too many products and variations to buy that produce no economies of scale both for local employment and reduction of pain to the environment.
      Our lust for choice is killing our economy and our environment.

      As an example why does the USA need 43 manufacturers of cars selling several hundred models of cars? Australia is worse, 25 million people have over 60 manufactures dumping their crap down here !!

  • Mort Brkr says:

    Too bad Walker didn’t bust the unions before Trek left to overseas. You can’t pay a guy with a HS education $25 hour to sweep floors and get full health care coverage.

  • John Sage says:

    What a JOKE.
    This super rich guy wants you to pay $19.
    Make it a PDF document and publish it FREE.
    These rich gangsters use every event to prosper – shame on you.

  • philxx1975 says:

    Wasn’t he the guy that hired Lance 25 times tour de france winner and professional eensy weency little white lie teller? , I’m not sure I would be taking advice from that guy any time soon.

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