Truvativ brings out affordable new Descendent and Stylo cranks

Two new options for trail or DH abuse

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Truvativ Descendent Carbon Crank

At $225, these might be the most affordable DH rated carbon cranks on the market.

With the launch of SRAM’s affordable new 12 speed drivetrain, it was time to beef up their OEM and aftermarket support on the crank side. To answer the call, they’ve launched four new cranks under the Descendent and Stylo monikers. Available in either carbon or aluminum, everyone from trail to downhill shredders should find something to love.

Each crankset uses a direct mount interface for X-Sync2 chains and is compatible with Eagle chainrings. Scroll through for prices, weight, and a little more context.

Descendant Carbon Crankset

The Descendant is Truvativ’s rough and tumble family of cranks, which covers everything from full on World Cup DH to EWS gnar. Retail for the new carbon version is between $225-340, which makes them some of the most affordable on the market.

  • Price: $225 – $340
  • Weight: TBA
  • Lengths: 170mm, 175mm
Truvativ Descendant 6k Aluminum Crankset

Cheap, bullet proof, and light?

Descendant 6K Aluminum Crankset

The aluminum version of the Descent Carbons retail for between $100-125. Depending on the spindle interface, they weigh between 622-657g.

  • Price: $100 – $125
  • Weight: 622g – 657g
  • Lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
Truvativ Stylo Carbon Crankset

The Stylo cranks are aimed at trail riders.

Stylo Carbon Crankset

The Stylo series is targeted towards trail riders. The new carbon version retails for around $225 depending on spindle choice, including 24mm, 30mm, boost or standard. It is compatible with 1x Eagle drivetrains and seems to offer great value for the money.

  • Price: $225 – $245
  • Weight: 568g – 600g
  • Lengths: 170mm, 175mm
Truvativ Stylo 6k Aluminum Crankset

The Stylo and Descendent 6k Cranks share the same price points, weight, and overall look. The difference appears to be branding and available arm lengths. The Descendent 6K comes in a 165mm, which is not available under the Stylo badging.

Stylo 6K Aluminum Crankset

The aluminum Stylo retails for roughly $100 less than its carbon counterpart. Considering these cranks weigh around 60 g more, that’s a bargain. The crank arms (and prices) vary slightly depending on bottom bracket choice, but prices top out at a very reasonable $125.

  • Price: $100 – $125
  • Weight: 622g – 657g
  • Lengths: 170mm, 175mm

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