Trying toe clips and clipless pedals for the first time

Many riders are switching to flats, but what if you're going the other way

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Flats or Clips

Flats or clips? Some pedals even cater to your indecision.

These days, there seems to be a flood of riders converting from clipless to flat pedals. Forced into clipless in their early mountain biking years, riders have discovered the many benefits of riding flats and are now switching.

But let’s not ignore the other path, which is learning how to ride clipless pedals. There’s plenty of benefit — and the struggle is even more real, as riders learn to ride locked into their bike.

In this video Blake from the Global Mountain Bike Network tries toe clips and clipless pedals for the first time. Ride along and see him experience what many of us old-timers did.

About a decade ago, most riders ‘graduated’ to clipless pedals as they were coerced by their peers to become a “real” mountain biker. These days, the decision is not as obvious, as many choose to ride flat pedals. But there are distinct advantages to riding clipless such as XC racing or sprinting. Here are some tips to ease the transition.

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About the author: Francis Cebedo

The founder of mtbr and roadbikereview, Francis Cebedo believes that every cyclist has a lot to teach and a lot to learn. "Our websites are communal hubs for sharing cycling experiences, trading adventure stories, and passing along product information and opinions." Francis' favorite bike is the last bike he rode, whether it's a dirt jumper, singlespeed, trail bike, lugged commuter or ultralight carbon road steed. Indeed, Francis loves cycling in all its forms and is happiest when infecting others with that same passion. Francis also believes that IPA will save America.

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  • William Green says:

    Interesting to see this. I’ve pulled my SPDs from the Turner, switching them to flats, and for the Cosmos carbon hardtail, I’ve removed the Chesters for some ultralight Exustars and dug a pair of old Christophe strapless shorty toe clips out of the parts bin. My wife had me remove her SPDs in favor of MKS Sylvans with PowerGrip straps.

  • Jeff says:

    Having started out with toe clips, switching to clipless was no problem at all! Though most shoes could be pulled out of a toe clip unless the toe strap tightened super snugly. I’m sure most hipsters that have been riding retro fixies for the past decade have figured out toe clips and straps! haha.

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