Twenty6 Adjustable DM Stem

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The Quick:

The Good:

  • Very light weight 128g with bolts
  • Adjustable Length, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 0 degree rise
  • Esthetically pleasing design, flower pattern graphics
  • The Bad:

  • A bit expensive – $123 MSRP
  • Model: Twenty6 DM Stem

    MSRP: $123

    Weight: 128 grams including all mounting hardware

    Manufacturer Link:

    Twenty6 Direct Mount Stem

    Twenty6 is a small company, one man, from Bozeman Montana that makes high quality, gorgeous looking component for discerning mountain bikers.  The direct mount stem offered by Twenty6 is light weight, strong, and has adjustable reach settings for 45mm, 50mm 55mm.  Made from 6061 t6 aluminum with quality hardware.

    The coolest thing about this stem is the adjustable reach.  It is amazing how much of a difference 5mm can make.  I put the stem on to begin with at 45mm, after riding a 50mm stem for ever, and I could tell the difference immediately.  Too short. And now I know.  I put it at 55mm and it felt great.  Being able to customize the reach to best fit is an unique and awesome feature.

    Ride and Abuse

    I have had the chance to run the Twenty6 stem for the past couple months, abusing it as much as possible and giving it the best work over I can.  To be honest I was concerned about three things.  One, the fact the bolts are in a semi slotted hole, not fully surrounded by material.  Two, the width of the stem contact with the bar isn’t that wide, so I assumed there might be some flex.  Three, there is a good amount of bolt showing between the face plate and the stem body.  I was concerned this would be a weak point.

    Did anything come of my concerns, no.  I’ll explain point by point.  Concern One; the stem never moved.  Not once, ever.  I am sure a machine or a horrific wreck could cause issue here, but after a few over the bars and a nasty hit on a local trail, I have confidence that the way the stem mounts is not an issue.  On top of that, I actually ran across an a competitor of Twenty6 on the trails and I asked him what he thought about the stem. Mainly the exposed bolts and the semi-slotted mounting holes.  Neither were a concern from a competing stem designer.  So, not an issue, end of story.

    Concern two; the width of the stem.  The stem is not as wide as some others and I thought there might be bar flex.  This also proved not to be an issue.  One thing being 235lbs can do is find flex, especially with a ridged carbon bar and I found none.

    The third concern; the space between the front plate and the rest of the stem, exposing a good amount of bolt, also appears to not be an issue.  I talked to Tyler at Twenty6 and a competing stem designer, neither said that is an issue.  Really the only concern with that much space is that it allows you to over tighten your stem bolts if you are being careless.  More an issue with a carbon bar than anything else.  Use your torque wrench!


    The stem works, can take abuse, offers reach adjustment, is expensive, and is super sweet looking.  So many riders on the trails said “oh, Twenty6 stem, nice!”  Some guys might not dig the flower pattern as decoration, but if it doesn’t bother you, and you want a stem that work and will get you props, buy it, enjoy it.

    Value Rating:

    4 out of 5 Stars

    I have to knock one chili off because of the price. Though it is U.S. made. Once again I just hope demand increases and price can come down some due to scale of production. As long as quality is not affected.

    Overall Rating:

    5 out of 5 Stars

    5 chilis for overall. The stem works great, it is very light yet incredibly stiff and great looking and adjustable. What more can you ask for in downhill product.

    A word from Twenty6: We are riders. Every Twenty6 product comes from an idea stemming from real world use. These ideas take shape, utilizing state of the art 3D modeling and CNC machinery. At Twenty6 we use only aerospace grade raw materials for our components. After carefully hand-selecting each piece of material, it is placed in one of our in-house CNC machines to be precisely sculpted into one of our top quality bicycle components. We design, test and manufacture our products in our own state of the art facility. Precision tolerances, innovative machining and excellent product finish are all hallmarks of Twenty6 products. We strive to remain at the forefront of high-end CNC machined bicycle components. Spare nothing.

    • zero rise
    • adjustable reach, 45mm, 50mm, and 55mm
    • fits rock shock boxxers and fox 40 forks
    • 125 grams with mounting hardware
    • fits 31.8mm handle bars
    • designed and manufactured with pride in the USA
    • from 6061 t6 billet

    Buy it here:

    See other Twenty6 products on MTBR.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Ok, and the cost is littlebit high.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just got my white one in the other day and installed it on the JEDI! At first it looked kind of small but then Im used to a thomson X4 50mm and after that I realized it wasnt bad at all. Thing is definently $ and great for a racer based on stiffness and weight. Like Adam I weigh a bit but I lift so I have a tendenacy to manhandle stuff. I went out and grabbed the bars and twisted while holding the wheel back! No noticeable flex that I could see aside of my wheel going a slight bit cockeyed!

      @ thubs up for this, I bought one based on this article, Thanks Adam I couldnt be happier!

    • Anonymous says:

      lol, flower pattern? I see no flowers in that design, it is called camouflage. Last time I checked, camo is supposed to be a pattern more appealing for guys.

    • Anonymous says:

      the paint job is camo – but there are some little floweresque little bling bling things on there. and that is from others on the trail pointing it out, so if it looks that way to them, than regardless of what it really is, the image is set.

    • Anonymous says:

      I found them at to purchase within Canada, may save ya on duty and such.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see you installed this on a fox 40 fork so did you cut your steering tube to length? How did you make the steering tube cap still screw on?

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