Vee launches Factory version of Flow Snap

Continues to employ tacky rubber known for grip and predictable braking

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Vee Tire Factory Sidewall

Vee Tire’s “Factory” is a robust tire with Flow Snap tread and a performance build.

Vee Tire Co. is now offering an updated version of its Flow Snap gravity and enduro tires. The new Vee Factory version looks very similar and continues to benefit from the super tacky rubber compound that’s known for its grip and predictable braking behavior.

Vee Tire Factory Super Tacky

Vee Tires “Factory” tire 42a super tacky knobs are very pliable and yes, tacky.

The new “Factory” version goes from 48a to 42a compound that’s claimed to excel in a variety of conditions, including wet, dry, and loose. The “Factory” tires will also utilize Vee’s gravity casing, which combines their two-ply and Synthesis technologies for three total layers of protection. Additionally, the tire uses Vee’s gravity core that’s light and durable.

Vee Tires Zilent Sport Skin Side Wall

The new Vee Zilent tire is begging to be spec’d on a classic steel frame.

Also new from Vee is an update to its tubeless Zilent tire, which has a protective Synthesis Skinwall, uses the company’s DCC compound, and comes in 650×47 size. The Zilent has long been a popular all-road and city commuter tire.

Vee Tires Zilent Sport Tread

The Zilent tread a good all-arounder with adequate sipping and fast rolling center, along with a dual compound for confidence in the corners.

The new Zilent is 90 TPI with a rubber hardness of 56a in the center and 48a, which minimizes rolling resistance and cornering capability.

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