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Velo Saddles has been in business for over 30 years. They make over 15 million saddles a year and they can be found on all types of bicycles from cruisers, commuters and hybrids to road bikes and mountain bikes. Some of the big name atheletes riding Velo Saddles include KHS downhiller Kevin Aiello, FMB Joyride Winner Thomas Genon and two time Olympic BMX Gold Medalist Maris Strombergs.

In this video, Kacey M from Velo Saddles shows us some of the latest 2013 MTB saddles from the Senso line.

Miles Honeycomb saddle (VL-1261)
Gender: Male
Weight: 258 g
Size: 286×132 mm
Base: Nylon Fiber Injection
Fill: Light Foam – Gel Padding – High density
Rail: Crn-Ti Alloy
Key Point: AirThru – HoneyComb Gel – Crossbow
Stitching: 1-01

-Microfiber cover for temperature regulation
-Honeycomb Base for a balance of firmness and flexibility
-Honeycomb Gel
-Micro Holes provides a firm hold and improved performance
-Cross Bow Suspension – two rails act as independent pillars to dissipate shocks more effectively

Miles Carbon Women’s Specific (VL-4214)
Gender: Female
Weight: 285g
Size: 266x141x65 mm
Base: Carbon Fiber Injection – Nylon Fiber Injection
Fill: Light Foam – High density
Rail: Carbon Fiber
Key Point: ArcTech – ZoneCut – v-mount
Stitching: 2-15 – 4-9Z

-carbon rail
-women’s specific geometry, wider back
-alleviation channel

Miles Carbon saddle (VL-1501)
Weight: 115 g
Size: 274x132x39.8 mm
Base: Carbon Fiber Injection – Nylon Fiber Injection Carbon
Fill: Light Foam – Super Light Foam
Rail: Carbon – Titanium
Key Point: Light Weight
Stitching: 1-01

-arctech Suspenion
-carbon base
-carbon rails

Besides the Senso and Plush line of saddles, Velo also makes grips and bar tape.

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