Video: 7 mountain bike rules that should be broken

Too many rules makes Jack a dull boy


Guidelines and etiquette are there for a reason but too many of them can kill the mountain bike spirit. We are here to get fit and have fun so use some common sense and get out there.

And don’t be the one in the group that imposes a dozen rules on everyone else and stresses everyone out.

Skinsuit, half-lid, aero wheels, downhill, neon… check

And just to prove that we’re a little conflicted, here’s some unwritten rules of mountain biking. Take it lightly but hear some of the advice.

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  • jon says:

    Must be a different world over there…literally….more worried about style points then riding. Who really cares about what you wear or how you look. I’ve been riding with the same group of buds for many, many years and we could care less about what each others wearing and more about just getting out there and having a great time with your riding buds.

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