Video: Bamboobee BIY Bike Kit

Are you confident enough to build your own bamboo bike?

Road Bike Video
Build your own bamboo bicycle frame at home.

Do you trust yourself to build a bike out of bamboo? Bamboobee hopes so.

As cyclists we often pride ourselves on the “green” nature of our chosen mode of transportation. One of the downsides, however, is that the manufacturing process of our carbon fiber bike frames may not really be all that environmentally friendly. In recent years companies such as Calfee Design and Boo Bicycles have begun to take advantage of naturally occurring frame materials like bamboo.

Bamboo is an incredibly strong material that has been used to construct bridges and even multi-story scaffolding. In some cases it can even be stronger than carbon fiber. Not only are Bamboo frames light and strong, the also offer an incredibly smooth ride that can be superior to that of steel and titanium.

Recently Bamboobee Bicycles has taken this renewable material and brought it to the masses with their Bamboobee Build It Yourself (BIY) Bike kit. Currently they only offer urban and road bike models…time will tell if they ever take the idea off-road. Watch the process and see how you can make your very own bamboo bicycle in your own home.

About the author: Jeff Titone

For as long as he remembers, contributor Jeff Titone has been riding bikes. The former National Champion triathlete has such a passion for cycling that he has dedicated his career to spreading the two-wheeled gospel. A cycling industry veteran of more than twelve years, Jeff has worked for such notable brands as Cannondale, Titus, and Blackburn. Whether grinding out the miles on his road bike, shredding the Arizona desert on his mountain bike, or cruising the greenbelt on his way to work, Jeff relishes every opportunity to be in the saddle. He also has a soft spot for vintage, lugged steel road bikes and bourbon.


  • Derek Cochrane says:

    This is sweet I would like 2 know more???

  • Ed K says:

    I’m sure it is a great product, but not my cup of tea. Not so sure I want to pay for the privilege of building my own bike from a kit.

  • bobi says:

    I wonder how well the baamboo copes with chain suck?

  • Dave says:

    The professor made that on Gilligan’s Island.

  • donaldo feen says:

    Winner of the internet:
    “The professor made that on Gilligan’s Island.”

  • Alwood says:

    Are you kidding me; the only road bike is $3400 ; for the “opportunity” to put it together myself. For that price I could order three carbon fiber or four aluminum bikes from a well known, reliable mail order company. And they build most of their bikes in the USA, and employ Americans. Yea I know, I’m old fashion and just don’t understand the GRAND SCHEME of things.

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