Video: Check the jaw-dropping trailer for Brandon Semenuk’s forthcoming Rad Company

NWD Films and Red Bull Media House team-up on Semenuk's next edit


Just when mountain bike video edits started getting all samey-samey, Red Bull Media House drops this mind-blowing teaser for their forthcoming Brandon Semenuk edit called Rad Company. The joint NWD Films/Red Bull Media House production is aptly described as a “visual mixtape” featuring Semenuk and a hand-picked crew of shredders letting loose all over British Columbia, Utah and Fiji.

Despite making everything look easy, even Semenuk has a get-off now and then. In this case, a high-speed, swappy, roll-down-the-hill get-off. Ouch.

The level of technical precision these riders display is insane—30 mph corner manual anyone? The full-length film premiers June 7th in North Vancouver. Check here for more info

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  • Art says:

    So….how is that different than than every other MTB video?

  • Brian says:

    The music was worse

  • guy smiley says:

    This style of trail riding is seen as reckless by parks and land managers and is a major reason why mountain bike access gets revoked. Perception (influenced by red bull bs & videos like this) is reality and the risk is too high for them. After you see Semenuk take the high speed tumble (luckily in an open field) how can you blame them? All good if it filmed on directional dh specific trails, but this is clearly multi-access trails, and riding dh (“free-riding”) them is damaging to our sport NOT progressing it.

    • Thomas says:

      Did you drink sour milk this morning? If you can ride that style and get away with it, I respect that and it’s awesome.

    • Stampers says:

      @guy smiley…If you took the time to dig a little deeper into the development of this film before jumping on your soap box, you’d find out that every single line on this film was built for this film.

  • Andor says:

    I agree, this was definitely filmed on multiuse trails. I saw horses, hikers and little babies hiding at the bottom of the gap jumps at every turn. These guys should have their bikes seized (I’ll hold them) and most of this video footage destroyed (I volunteer to screen for that too).

  • Tyrebyter says:

    Not sure how you arrived at the ‘clearly multi-access trails’ since the single-tracks look similar to DH trails at Crested Butte and Angel Fire I’ve ridden. I get your point but don’t think videos like this have much influence on land managers (or anyone else), no more than Baja Race videos influence access for overland four-wheelers. Mostly, the vid was just not that interesting; I think we’ve all seen a front flip before.

  • Jon Yates says:

    I’m just excited to know I can do one of the moves depicted in the photos…

  • MTB Dad says:

    Fantastic skill but even with the skill they have they are on a fine line between control and disaster. I didnt see anything suggesting muti use trails, all looked good to me. In fact the shot where he eats it looks like a fairly recent cut trail probably on someone’s property.
    And yes it looks like a lot of other videos but I could watch them all day. Never get tired of them even though I’m an old HT XC rider who only really gets air by accident.

  • rynoman03 says:

    “Never get tired of them even though I’m an old HT XC rider who only really gets air by accident.” @ MTB Dad – I couldn’t have said that any better!

    Sweet video in my opinion. I look forward to watching the whole thing.

  • crash says:

    You butt fu-ks those trails would not be there if mtn bikers didn`t build them.
    Besides rocks, sticks and dirt don`t have feelings

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