Video: Danny MacAskill goes electric in new edit

Bicycle trials phenom plugs-in for KTM's new electric moto

Danny MacAskill plugs-in for his latest edit, shot at a UK power plant.

Danny MacAskill plugs-in for his latest edit, shot at a UK power plant. Image: Cut Media

“Electrifying” is a word often used to describe the performances of bike stunt ace Danny MacAskill, and now it’s literally true. In his latest edit for Austrian motorcycle maker KTM, MacAskill throws his leg over the company’s Freeride-E electric motorcycle and rides around a UK power plant (it’s electric, get it?) with pro enduro motorcyclist Jonny Walker.

While the imagery is beautiful and haunting, and the riding good–it’s no The Ridge. So fear not Dany Mac fans–we don’t think our boy will be trading his “push bike” for a moto–electric or otherwise–any time soon.

Danny MacAskill goof with fellow edit star Jonny Walker on the set of his latest video.

Danny MacAskill goofs with fellow edit star, enduro moto rider Jonny Walker on the set of his latest video.Image: Cut Media

About the author: Don Palermini

Chicago-born Don Palermini became a cycling-based life-form in the sixth grade after completing a family road bike tour of his home state. Three years later he bought his first mountain bike to help mitigate the city's pothole-strewn streets, and began exploring the region's unpaved roads and trails. Those rides sparked a much larger journey which includes all manner of bike racing, commuting, on- and off-road bike advocacy, and a 20-plus-year marketing career in the cycling industry that landed him at his current gig with Santa Cruz bicycles. Now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, his four favorite words in the English language are "breakfast served all day," together in that order.

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  • Shawn says:

    These aren’t even E-bikes, they are electic motorcyles so why are they posted on this site? Most MTB riders are suspect/dubious of E-bikes, why post something like this? It is not good to associate MTBs with electric motorcycles from a trail access perspective, and these are CLEARLY full motorized vehicles, not motor assisted pedaling. Get this garbage out of here.

    • Mtbr says:

      Shawn- If Danny MacAskill were riding a tractor it would be relevant to mountain bikers. That aside, we see a huge cross-pollination of two-wheel riders in our audience, both motorized and non. We’ve covered Danny Hart (mountain biker) riding motorcycles just as we have Chad Reed (motocross racer) riding bicycles…we’ve even reported on Fernando Alonzo’s bicycle cross-training if that’s what the “f1” in your email address is a reference to. We think most reasonable people will see there is no correlation between this video and the e-bike debate. Whatsoever. What we actually found most interesting was Danny riding a powered bike turned out to be the “worst” Danny video we’ve ever seen. In fact, his best riding in this video is during the outtakes at the end where he gets on his hardtail and bunny hops Jonny Walker’s motorcycle.

      • alex says:

        this video is boring, it wont even go as far as advertising video.. except for few triks there was nothing interesting about it

    • GoGo says:

      Jeez dood relax.

  • Mark says:

    I like Danny, but this video was anticlimactic!

  • Jeff says:

    I found the video worthwhile and relevant – thanks!

  • Greg says:

    Yeah Dude, relax. Too bad you don’t realize that dirt bikers and mountain bikers are in the same boat, whether you like it or not. If the green nazis had their way, neither discipline would be allowed in their forest. It’s high time that mtb and dtb banded together to save our trails. You are doing exactly what the greenies want- fighting their fight by inadvertently choosing their side. As soon as you have done their dirty work, they will turn on mtb. WAKE UP!

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