Video: Danny MacAskill’s Gymnasium

Not the usual 'New Year, New Me' January craze.


It’s that time of year where it’s cold, damp or frozen outside so we all have to figure out how to keep our bodies in motion.  Cyclists are an odd breed as they get stiff and moody when they’re not exerting effort and generating pedaling endorphins to get that natural elixir.  MacAskill in the video performs a number of unique tricks using traditional gym apparatus like a pommel horse, dumbbells, parallel bars, a running machine, and springboards.


The Scottish trials bike legend attempts to show the world that staying in shape this January doesn’t have to be daunting by heading indoors to hit the ‘Gymnasium’.  The 34-year-old seeks refuge from the ‘New Year, New Me’ craze by creating his own unique fitness playground in a hall at his local sports complex in Glasgow. We all have to create our own routines with weights and dumbells or that dreaded ‘stationary’ bike. The true anti-definition of the mountain bike.

The Skye, Scotland native said:

“It’s fair to say that gyms aren’t really my natural habitat! I take my hat off to people who go every day to stay in shape, as I much prefer to hop on my bike and keep myself fit that way. We wanted this video to be a reminder to all those looking to get fit in 2020, that you don’t have to be miserable, there’s plenty of fun ways to hit your fitness goals. For me, it has and will probably always be my bike.”

Check out this stunning gallery.

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