Video: Evolution of the mountain bike

Talking fat tire genisis with MTB legends Joe Breeze and Charlie Kelly

The story of how world war two era cruisers evolved into the modern mountain bike.

The story of how World War II era cruisers evolved into the modern mountain bike (click to enlarge).

While Wired magazine’s description of modern mountain bikes as having “state of the art front and back shock absorbers” and “precise click shifting” doesn’t scream soul rider, this short video is well worth a watch. In it they interview cycling pioneers Joe Breeze and Charlie Kelly and document the history of early mountains bikes. My how far we have come.

For more on the birth of mountain biking, check out this feature on Crested Butte’s famed Pearl Pass Tour.

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  • BlackBean says:

    Awesome. That was a blast to watch. Bikes have come a long way. I am so glad we have all this technology today.

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