Video: Fatbikes at Play

Bike handling ace Rick Koekoek gets fat in latest trials edit

Fat Bike Video
Rick Koekoek shreds on a fat bike.

Rick Koekoek might just be the phattest fatbiker ever.

Once relegated to the cold, snowy plains of the Midwest, fatbikes have been slowly gaining acceptance and seeing greater mainstream use. Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see at fat bike out on your local trails even in the middle of summer. As more and more manufacturers jump into the fray, fatbikes are becoming more diverse and better designed. We now have carbon fiber, full-suspension fatbikes, and there is even a Fatbike National Championship race.

If you’re still on the fence about the portly newcomers, this video from Rick Koekoek might not change your mind, but it proves that fat is indeed fun.

About the author: Jeff Titone

For as long as he remembers, contributor Jeff Titone has been riding bikes. The former National Champion triathlete has such a passion for cycling that he has dedicated his career to spreading the two-wheeled gospel. A cycling industry veteran of more than twelve years, Jeff has worked for such notable brands as Cannondale, Titus, and Blackburn. Whether grinding out the miles on his road bike, shredding the Arizona desert on his mountain bike, or cruising the greenbelt on his way to work, Jeff relishes every opportunity to be in the saddle. He also has a soft spot for vintage, lugged steel road bikes and bourbon.

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