Video: How to build a jump and hit it well

Build it, practice, practice more, and then send it!

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Logs can be used to build up the base of the jump and add volume.

Logs can be used to build up the base of a jump and add volume.

The only way to get good at jumping is to practice, practice, practice. Judging speed, pitch, and landing seem natural when done well. But it’s actually a very technical move. Take the first step to jumping well by building a jump.

The tabletop jump is the classic learner’s canvas since you can roll it, come up short, and/or case it with minimal consequence. Eventually, one can perfect their jump and land on the backside smoothly with no drama.

Here’s how to build a beginner jump.

Now that you have a practice jump, it’s time to hit it, not once or twice, but hundreds of times. Pay attention to how and when you take off. Almost every jump will be different, and you need to feel and understand why.

Most important, you’ll start to feel comfortable in the air and in control. Pay attention to the takeoff lip of the jump, as that is what controls your flight. Jump and unload as your front tire leaves the jump. This will allow you to control the attitude of the bike in the air. A little early and your bike will nose up, but do it late and your bike will nose down.

Check out these great tips on how to hit that practice jump.

Finally, it’s time to elevate and hit the jump well. The key is to be comfortable in the air and be able to adjust your bike’s pitch and attitude while in flight. Being active in mid-air is key since that allows you to not only play, but correct any problems in take-off or mid-flight.

It’s time to send it. Go big!

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