Video: Kilian Bron’s Extreme Dolomites Mission

Massive mountains — and even bigger exposure — in this must see edit

Kilian Bron’s Extreme Dolomites Mission

Look close. Kilian Bron is up there on that trail.

The Italian Alps are famous for mountaineering and technical hikes. You never go walking in the Dolomites without your harnesses and ropes.

Kilian Bron’s Extreme Dolomites Mission

It’s not exactly a place that’s considered a top MTB destination. Most of the routes are very steep and hard to access. And that’s what make the lines taken by Kilian Bron in this video all the more remarkable.

“I always liked getting off the beaten track, exploring each and every spot to find out what’s behind this corner,” explains Bron. “I like to ride differently, in original places. That’s what missions are all about.”

Kilian Bron’s Extreme Dolomites Mission

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