Video: Michelin WildRace’r and WildGrip’r 27.5 Tires

27.5 Tires

Ralph Cronin from Michelin knows the tech details on these tires. The WildRace’r looks like it’s gonna be fast with its low profile center knobs. The WildGrip’r on the other hand looks like a rally tire with a ton of traction with its good rubber compounds and side knobs that have cut-outs that allow the tread to move a bit and lock on to a corner with a good transition to the cornering bite. Tubeless ready, big volume and 26/29er availability are the other noteable features of these tires.

We have these tires in house so stay tuned for our riding impressions.

Wild Grip’R

The 27.5″ Wild Grip’R Advanced is a fantastic all-conditions tire. It is available in 2.35″ in both reinforced and non-reinforced casings. Both tires receive Michelin’s dual GumX tread compounds.

  • The reinforced casing is great for gnarly enduro style riding. This tires weighs in at 1,070 grams and runs $69.99.
  • The lighter, non-reinforced 2.35″ features the same large casing and size-specific tread pattern but weighs 800 grams and runs $64.99.
  • The 27.5″ Wild Grip’R is also available in a 2.25″ size. With smaller knobs to match its smaller casing, the 2.25″ is also lighter at 720 grams and pairs well with a Race’R for a killer front Grip’R/rear Race’R combo. It also runs $64.99.

Wild Race’R

The 27.5″ Wild Race’R (please note spelling, capitalization and punctuation on all tire models. They’ll be correct in this email) available in 27.5 x 2.25″. The fast rolling, shallow center knobs provide ample straight-line traction while the taller side knobs dig in for incredible cornering in dry conditions. They sell for $64.99 and weigh 700 grams.

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  • Brian says:

    Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to know! I’ll likely be going with the Wild Grip’R 2.25″ when I get a 27.5″ bike. 😀

  • NFSfox says:

    Seems like they raised the middle section a bit on newer versions of that tire. I had them since they first came and I doubt I managed to shred them so dramatically already.

  • Brian says:

    For anyone who was wondering, both of these Wild Grip’R tires are 55A hardness. I was hoping they’d have a harder compound in the middle for the 2.25″… But maybe they’ll come out with a 27.5 x 2.00-2.20″ size with 64A middle/59A shoulder hardness later?

  • Tom says:

    Help! I am having a 650B KHS hardtail built in time for a Memorial Day weekend of mountain bike riding. I am agonizing over my tire selection. I normally ride in Southern Wisconsin at the Kettle Moraine State Park. The trails there are root-strewn, with rocks and some rock gardens, along with sections of loose/sand over hardpack.

    I would like to get a reasonably light, but not silly light tire, that can handle the roots and rocks. Your review of the new Michelins sounds very positive. Are these tires available now? If not, what brand, model and tire widths would you recommend?



  • Gator says:

    Yea there out now, I have on my Yelli Creamy 29er. Wild Grip’R on front 29×2.25 and Wild Race’R 29×2.25 on rear. They roll great, sidewalls are less fragile than Nobby Nic or Racing Ralph. The tires have very good volume, they are as wide as 29×2.35 nobby nick on Pacenti tl28 rims. They have awesome grip for all conditions, and you get them for 50 bucks!!

  • Drew says:

    I have the 26×2.25 Wild Grip’Rs Advanced on my 26″ Specialized Epic. These tires are great! I was coming from Specialized Captains, then Hutchinson Pythons before, and before… They roll fast. They have INCREDIBLE traction! They are large volume and they are NOT heavy.. Mine weighed 550 and 580g. The cornering is amazing and the rolling resistance is shocking given the lug pattern. Magic.

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