Video: Parenting and the art of the riding window

With young children at home, the riding window is a precious commodity

Riding windows by parents with young ones are best done from one's doorstep to save precious time.

Riding windows are best done from one’s doorstep to save precious time.

Having a kid is terrifying, stressful and exhausting. The murky waters you have to navigate as a first time parent are full of uncertainties, self-doubt and restless nights, explains Brice Shirbach, Pivot-Reynolds enduro rider and father.

“I can also say that being a parent is unequivocally the greatest, most fulfilling experience you can ever imagine,” says Shirbach. “The love I felt for my son actually shocked my system when I first met him. Everyday has been an adventure since, and watching his charming and hilarious personality develop has been a gift.”

“Being a parent also means that the life you knew is gone,” adds Shirbach. “I’m incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to forge a career based on riding bikes in the woods, but priority number one for any parent is the well being and development of their kid(s). The “Window” concept celebrates that, paying homage to the parents who are doing their best, and enjoy every precious second on the trail when they’re not enjoying every precious second with their children and family.”

The end goal is a happy household without giving up one's riding lifestyle.

The end goal is a happy household without giving up one’s riding lifestyle.

Nap time might not be enough time for a full day of bike park laps, or a 50-mile backcountry jaunt. But it’s more than enough time to go out and feel like a superhero for an hour or two on your local trails.

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  • Slohr says:

    It’s a challenge. Trying to fit in family obligations with long work hours and trying to find the time to ride can lead to a lot of guilt. It also lead me to doing more road rides to optimize the time available. Giving up some riding time and being there for the family has paid off. My son is very passionate about MTB, and when we ride, I watch my son ride away from me. But that is actually a great feeling being dropped by your own child who is becoming a well-rounded adult I am proud of. And now we can ride as long as we can when we get the chance. It’s all about measuring trade-offs.

  • loll says:

    It gets even more tricky when you have more than 1 kids. Trying to align the two napping schedule and you are lucky to have an hour of overlap. These days I start my ride before sunrise and by the time the early birds hit the trail, I am already heading home. Once I started at Demo in Santa Cruz at around 5:45am, finish at 7:50am as people were just pulling into the parking lot.

    One thing about the video, there is no way under a normal circumstance a wife will let you hold an infant after a dirty mountain bike ride. Not sure what is stinkier, the mess in the diaper or the odor on your body.

    Nice video though.

  • Gator says:

    That baby is in for great life, love it!!

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