Video: Remy Metailler in Squamish chased by drone

Producing some of the vest trail footage seen


Capturing the trail riding experience is difficult. Helmet cams and handlebar fpv cams were interesting but they do a very poor job at perspective and representation of slope and difficulty.

Follow cams from other riders are interesting but limited in perspective. Cable cams do well but setup and scope are difficult.

This new edit from Remy Metailler is incredible as it establishes a new standard for drone footage. It is flying low enough and close enough to be part of the action. And it moves beside and in front of the rider.

We’re not sure how they did it but they sure nailed it.

This can dron can fly behind, beside and in front of Remy

This has to be one my favourite video I have ever done! Riding a mountain bike on some of the world’s best trails like you never see it! Click here to support my channel and help me to do more edits like this!

Raphaël Boudreault-Simard (@flowmotionaerials) reached out to film and I was stoked to have an opportunity like that to showcase my riding, the place we live and ride and hopefully inspire people to get out and mountain bike. Check out his website:

We are grateful to be able to live in this part of the world and to have access to these forrest, scenery and trails. Thank you. — Remy

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  • Red Endozo says:

    Very nice video footage. Wow, what a place and trail!!!

    What drone did they use to shoot the video footage? It’s nice done.

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