Video: This Santa Cruz 5010 edit gives mountain bikes the finger

These finger bike moves deserve a Redbull sponsorship


It’s hard to launch a new mountain bike during a global pandemic. Many trail systems are closed and traveling halfway around the globe to film a release video isn’t exactly sheltering in place. Santa Cruz decided to get creative and think small when launching the latest 5010. We can’t think of a more appropriate way to launch a bike intended to help riders view landscapes as a blank canvas for creativity.

This hand deserves a Redbull sponsorship.

This hand deserves a Redbull sponsorship.

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These mini mountain bikes are the creation of Taras Timchenko. He crafts each of these tiny bicycles by hand with impressive attention to detail and fully-functional suspension. Check out his Instagram account for an amazing assortment of tiny bikes.

Want to know more about the full-sized 5010? Be sure to check out our First Ride Review.

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Josh has been riding and racing mountain bikes since 1998, and has been writing about mountain biking and cyclocross since 2006. He was also at the forefront of the gravel cycling movement, and is a multi-time finisher of Dirty Kanza. These days, Josh spends most of this time riding the rocky trails and exploring the lonely gravel roads around his home in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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