Video: Taiwanese Animators lampoon Alec Baldwin for wrong way biking arrest


Oh Alec Baldwin. We love you as the self-absorbed media executive Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, but you’re not supposed to act like that in real life! As widely reported Tuesday, actor Alec Baldwin was stopped by New York City police for riding his bike the wrong way on a one way street, and subsequently let loose with an obscenity-laced tirade that—in conjunction with failing to produce identification—got the actor not only cited but handcuffed and arrested during the incident.

Alec Baldwin Bike F-Bomb

The animators depicted Baldwin “dropping f-bombs” in literal style.

Today, an elaborate animation of the event appeared on the YouTube channel of a group called Taiwanese Animators. The clip illustrates Baldwin’s transgressions and over-reaction, as well as his after-the-fact “what did I do?” Tweet. The pattern mirrors the same bad-behavior-blame-it-on-someone-else schtick we saw last year when Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight for allegedly continuing to play the game Words With Friends on his mobile phone after being asked repeatedly by flight attendants to power-down.

Alec Baldwin Bike Cop

On Planet Baldwin, the rules only apply to other people.

Despite calling Baldwin out for his boorishness, the video also points out the irony of the NYPD’s prioritizing of bicycle infractions over more serious crimes. A low target perhaps, but a real one—and one we think Casey Neistat handles with more panache:

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