Video: Tyler McCaul and Amir Kabbani shred shenanigans

Dirt jumping and dual slalom session in Santa Cruz, California

Traitors 2

Amir Kabbani joins Tyler McCaul in the Santa Cruz mountains for some shredding.

In the original Traitors video, Tyler McCaul flew out to Boppard, Germany, to ride with friend (and sometimes competitor) Amir Kabbani. In this new clip, Kabbani heads to California to ride some of McCaul’s hometown haunts.

And if you missed the original video, here ya go.

Check out more videos on Mtbr.

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  • loll says:


    The DS track is possible in the hills.

    But where is there a lake (as shown in the last few seconds) that has large dirt mount and GT ramps? I scanned google map aerial view of aptos and dont see any lake like area with overhead electrical like the video. Is top secret, no doubt. But aptos? Private ranch some where?

  • loll says:

    Bingo….surprising where this is located at. It is literally visible on google map aerial, including the GT ramps. I should have done more research. Definitely not Aptos proper.

    That piece of property must be worth a million….

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