Video: Walmart Mongoose Fat Bike trilogy

3 videos showcase Seth's determination to torture a Walmart $200 fat bike

Fat Bike Video
Seth attempts to surf the wave of a 30,000 hp cruise ship.

Seth attempts to surf the wave of a 30,000 hp cruise ship.

Seth is an interesting guy indeed. Based in Florida, he’s found a niche purchasing cheap bikes and riding the snot out of them. He’s got the skills and personality to make watch the destruction of a cheap bike fun and entertaining. In this trilogy, he purchases a Mongoose Dolomite $200 fat bike and methodically puts it through its paces. Well done Seth.

Behold! The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike

Words by Seth of Seth’s Bike Hacks

It’s hard for me to complain about the Mongoose Dolomite, since it’s a sub $200 fat bike. No, it doesn’t shift nicely, and yes, it has one of those terrible seat clamps with the bolts on the sides. It’s precisely compromises like these that make super cheap bikes possible. So with that understanding, I’ll give an overview of this bike’s strong and weak points.

So now for the real question; why did I buy this bike? Why not a nice fat bike? Well, I have some plans which I wouldn’t have the heart to carry out on a bike like that. If you’ve been following my videos, you could probably guess that the Dolomite is gonna have a rough week.

Fat Biking the wake of a cruise ship

This is the inlet by Port Everglades, one of the busiest cruise ports on the planet. This 46 foot deep channel can accommodate the largest cruise ships in the world. When these massive ships leave port, they cause the water to recede quickly, creating a kind of temporary low tide. Once the ship passes, the water returns violently like a mini tsunami. My plan is to ride the Dolomite out on to the exposed sand when the water recedes, turning around just before the tsunami approaches. If I time it right, and pedal fast enough, the wave should help push me along back to shore. We’ll call it fat bike surfing.

Status Update on the Dolomite Fat Bike

Over the weekend, we took this cheap Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike into the ocean to try and surf the wake of a cruise ship. Although it was a failure, we found out that fat bikes float really well. Either way, the bike got exposed to a ton of corrosive saltwater. This was kind of the whole point.

When I got home I submerged the Dolomite in fresh water, and then blasted it with a hose for a good while. I could have taken the bearings apart, or attempted to clean out the cable housings, but I wanted to leave it for a few days to see what would ha

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  • Frayed Knot says:

    Was there a point to either of the videos? What’s the point of taking the bike in the ocean?

  • Liv2ride says:

    I bought a schwinn hybrid bike from Target in 2005 and paid 170 dollars. I rode the hell out of that bike for eight years, off road,on road, and bmx. The rear derailleur went kapoot after a few years but I set it up as a fixie and kept on rollin. The paint job and frame are solid and I always enjoyed riding it. I have upgraded to a Fuji mtn bike and it fits my style. My advice to newcomers is find a bike you enjoy riding and who cares what other people are riding.

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