Video: Wild weather chills out Arizona’s Whiskey Off-Road race

Shortened race an epic challenge for some, too much for others


By all accounts, the race promotion company Epic Rides fully lived up to their name as a cold winter storm dumped snow, sleet and rain on the competitors at the Whiskey Off-Road, an endurance mountain bike race held in Prescott, Ariz. over the weekend. And while in the run-up to the event, many participants presumed they would be racing against their friends and other competitors, most found themselves battling Mother Nature and her unusual blustery conditions instead.

Video: This YouTube video by Patrick Schutte shows the kind of weather Whiskey Off-Road competitors had to deal with.

After a delayed start, the race got underway, but saw a plethora of abandonments as numerous riders succumbed to the cold and wet. According to race officials about half the field failed to complete the race which was shortened from it’s 50- and 25-mile options.

It was common to see riders huddling trail side trying to warm their hands at this year’s Whiskey Off-Road.

A pat on the back to our own Angry Singlespeeder, who not only finished, but was fifth in men’s single speed and 17th overall.

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  • Marshall says:

    race should have been postponed. someone could have gotten really sick or hurt

  • Teleken says:

    It looked so cold my nipples got hard watching that.

  • Zach says:

    Where are the fatbikes when you need them

  • john bliss says:

    I raced the 50, finished, and my fingers are still numb. It was tough. The 40mph winds after getting soaked didn’t help w/the hypothermia issue.

  • Alex Bo B'Alex says:

    I always pack a flask of wiskey for this event (for practical reasons: such as cleaning disc brakes, cleaning wounds, and drinking after some sort of bone injury). Never have I used the flask until after the race, only for festive purposes. This years Wiskey involved using the flask during the race. Not for disc brakes, cleaning wounds, or drinking after bone injury, but to use through the race itself. Trust me. This year took a swig here and there to get through it; and I was glad I packed it like every other year.

  • Ruben gonzalez says:

    whisky well I’ll bring some rum because rum don’t hurt me belly , trail head looks great wish I was there I’m from Cali you have to find a trail here and have fun ,Jah bless !!!!!

    • Ruben gonzalez says:

      some girl feels my brain in Prescott she so my type of girl ,you just need to think love and i’ll feel you …… well I hope you respond haha

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