Vintage Ladies Bike Backflip by Mickael Dupont


Mickael Dupont attempts to prove that it’s not about the bike.  Let’s see how many times this video can make you cringe and if he can convince you.

Either way. We love his ‘can do’ attitude.


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  • Kirk says:

    mad skills or not, he wrecks enough to wear a helmet before it’s too late

  • Jisch says:

    Good to see the Bikerfox flip getting its due.

  • BikeThrasher says:

    It’s inspiring to say the least. I’m always amazed at what some people can do on a bike. The first guy I ever watched clean the Horsethieif drop in was a 50 plus year old on a fully rigid hardtail. It just blew my mind.
    Chris Akrigg is another rider that will amaze you.. Check out a Hill In Spain. The risks these guys take doing this kind of stuff is huge. Much Props

  • Paul says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing on this video. This guy is off the rails, love it and totally inspired by it!
    Gotta love the landing sounds too.

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