Vuelta All-Mountain MTB and Team V MTB wheelset

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Vuelta All-Mountain MTB and Team V MTB wheelset 

Review, photos and videos by Lee Lau



Vuelta wheelsets show that sometimes, the bike industry can produce good components at a reasonable price.

In my opinion, wheelsets should be assessed on – (i) weight; (ii) stiffness; (iii) build/materials quality; and (iv) engagement. The wheelsets were more than adequate on the first three criteria and only fell short on the latter – and really only because I had to find something to nit-pick. In brief, there was much for this reviewer to like about Vuelta’s wheelsets and not much to dislike.

Vuelta’s All-Mountain wheelset mounted on a Knolly Endorphin – Maxxis High Roller 2.35s Tubeless Front and Rear


About the author: Lee Lau

Lee Lau calls North Vancouver and Whistler BC home. He's had over 15 years experience riding bikes mainly in western North America and in Europe. Unlike many people who learned to ride bikes on North Shore trails, he actually enjoys riding (and sometimes bushwhacking) uphill.

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  • yeahdog31 says:

    Did you notice if the graphics/decals are easily removable? I like the white wheels but prefer a stealthy look without tons of words spinning around and around…

  • LeeL says:

    yeahdog – you’d have to scrape the graphics to get them off so unfortunately that won’t work

  • wilkez says:

    So far on the the AM wheels after 4 or 5 rides they seem to be solid wheels. Light, stiff, smooth hubs, adequate engagement and they have been able to withstand my hack riding. I’ll see how the longevity of them is by next season!

    Oh yah, and they look pretty good in white.

  • Disco says:

    Bout right for the segment but $50-$100 more than sloppy beads are worth, companies ought to liable claiming strips and goo safely hold air instead of just licensing UST; but if the world of MTB wheels had any justice spindly road QR skewers would have been rightfully banished a decade ago.

  • breezy says:

    any info on the hub? loud, quiet? hold true to some pretty hard riding? thanks

  • LeeL says:

    Breezy – its a quiet but noticeable clicking sound. It’s still holding up fine

  • wilkez says:

    The hub is average as far as noise is concerned. Loud enough that you know it’s still there and working, but not loud enough to annoy you. I rode those wheels all season long fairly hard on everything from epic alpine rides to wet nasty north shore rides and they are still in great shape and are still true. As comparison, I broke 3 wheels last season due to my style of riding so the fact that these withstood my punishment is impressive.

  • whitey says:

    How’s the wheel holding up? any long term review? Thanks

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