Walmart Bike vs Whistler Bike Park

How much abuse can a sub-$200 bike actually take?

Walmart Bike vs Whistler Bike Park

Hold on and hope.

Ever wondered how much abuse a Walmart mountain bike can take? Could it survive your local trails? Or how about the Whistler Bike Park? Paul the Punter decided to find out. Hope he has good health insurance…

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  • LouRider says:

    I enjoyed the video up until the part where he returned the bike. That kind of selfish, destructive action is harmful to mountain biking. We already have a bad enough reputation. We don’t need stuff like this making it worse. It was a mere $180. Just do what others (Seth’s Bike Hacks & Skills w/ Phil) and buy the stupid thing. Not a fan.

  • WalMart Rider says:

    I enjoyed the part where he returned the bike after using it. WalMart is lucky he didn’t sue them for selling a bike with such crappy welds and crappy brakes. Trail Rated my ass.

  • gdog says:

    Somewhat entertaining but also somewhat elitist. Some people have no choice but to buy their bikes at Wally World. Most of the video was mocking a bike that some kid would really love and enjoy. The fact that you returned it after thrashing it, confirms you’re a douche. I know most Canadians are nice honest people and you’re the exception.

  • tyrebyter says:

    What was the point of this expose’? The only useful information may be that Chinese-child-slave welders may not produce the most aesthetically pleasing joints, but they are plenty strong. Wal-Mart sold a bike for a third the price of a shock, then took the smoldering pile back and refunded the idiot’s money. Go Wal-Mart!

  • Philo says:

    You returned the bike because the brake pads wore out? Cheap prick.

  • Scott says:

    I think there is a difference between “train rated” and “downhill trail rated”. Many downhill parks won’t let you ride them with a typical trail bike and you need to have a downhill bike. This clearly isn’t a downhill bike by design. Most tests of Walmart bikes put them through extreme tests.. which is not something that a beginner or even intermediate mountain biker would do with the bike.

  • Dale Burton says:

    Aye Mate,
    What you did was wrong… You bought a bike hammered the shit out of it, knowing full well it is not designed for that abuse, and then you took it back to the store. Not very ethical and pretty sad way to demonstrate how cheap you are.

    I would not have recommended giving the bike away as others have suggested since there is probably frame damage just waiting to snap. You should/could donate the money to redeem what you did.

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