Whisky Parts Co. Makes Hard-Working Carbon Parts


Bloomington, MN—June 15—Whisky Parts Co., a new brand offering high-performance carbon parts, will roll out a series of carbon cross, mountain and road forks in late July. The lineup will include cyclocross forks with disc-specific options in timefor the 2011 cross season. Carbon handlebars, seatposts and bottle cages are slated for release this fall.

Emphasizing proven, modern designs and understated graphics, Whisky offers tough, hard-working parts for dedicated cyclistswho value performance, assurance and durability.

“Whisky celebrates the everyday riding experience,” said Jason Grantz, Whisky brand manager. “We make parts for peoplewho find epic rides in their own backyards. These are dedicated riders who have a deep passion for riding and aren’t concernedwith fantasy destinations. They value modern technology and high performance parts they can count on. They want tough,practical components that get the job done and allow them to maximize their riding experience.”

Tackling perceptions about the durability of carbon fiber, Grantz said Whisky has established rigorous in-house and third partytesting requirements that are designed to meet and exceed CEN standards. Grantz, who left Cane Creek six months ago to launchWhisky Parts Co., brings deep experience in product testing to the new brand.

“We’re testing our products above and beyond current standards; subjecting them to additional tests that ensure durabilityand inspire rider confidence. These aren’t trophy parts that you can’t ride hard. Everything we make is designed to hold up understrenuous use.”

Whisky products will be available at better bike shops all across the US this summer and fall.

About Whisky
Based in Bloomington, MN, Whisky Parts Co. makes hard-working carbon parts for people who are determined to makethe absolute most of their riding. Offering carbon forks, handlebars, seatposts and bottle cages, Whisky provides a high-qualityoption for riders who value performance, safety and long-lasting reliability. For more information, please contact Jason Grantz,Whisky brand manager, at 877-774-6217, ext. 1493 or visit whiskyparts.com

Source: Jason Grantz, Whisky Parts

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