Whistler Bike Park Opening Day …. and some advice from the experts


May 17, 2013

Today is a big day for bike park whores as the Whistler Bike Park opens. It’s been among the best openings in recent memory as the weather has been kind with plus 20 degree temperatures frequent in the valley in the past month; which has meant a quick snow melt and expedited opening of almost all the lower mountain trails

Trails were frankly in unreal condition. We had the good fortune to see the new berm work in Heart of Darkness which makes a fast trail faster. Crank It Up’s berms feel oddly strange without braking bumps. Jumps were baby butt smooth. Lineups were moderately long but excitement seemed to speed up riders; as the queue’s moved with ruthless efficiency and weren’t more than 20 minutes long. We checked out some lower valley trails later in the afternoon and found Kill Me Thrill Me in great shape.

To get your trail updates and your bike park passes check out the the Whistler Blackcomb bike site. To get your valley trail updates look at Whistler Bike Co.’s blog which updates both Whistler and Pemberton. Don’t forget to renew your memberships in the PVTA (Pemberton) and WORCA (Whistler) to top up on trail karma

Some opening day video – Quick edit for some of the lower trails (B-Line; Ninja Cougar; Crank it Up; Heart of Darkness)


Customer Service processed pass lineups with efficiency. An international crew of iders from New South Wales, Tasmania (Australia) and Bath (England) anxiously waits for first chair while some riders who had camped out at 3am got the first ride!


Rob McSkimming works the lineup while enjoying the stoke of riders chilling in the lineup


Lineups weren’t bad as stoked riders moved quicky averaging 20 mins. That’s good for opening day. So many trails were open so everyone spreads out on the mountain

About the author: Lee Lau

Lee Lau calls North Vancouver and Whistler BC home. He's had over 15 years experience riding bikes mainly in western North America and in Europe. Unlike many people who learned to ride bikes on North Shore trails, he actually enjoys riding (and sometimes bushwhacking) uphill.

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  • rhoop says:

    Sooo…. where’s this “advice from the experts”?

  • BNoise says:

    was there on a business trip and found/made time to be there opening day. the day started off great until it started raining and the temperatures started dropping. (too cold for this Georgia resident) It was nice to ride the berms without all the brake divets, They were present on Crank It Up. All in all it was a great time, averaging 12 mins in que. Hope to make it up again really soon (at least 2 more times)

  • james says:

    the trail looks fun if you like to go fast with out anything to go over or around. in other words a easy trail. i think after riding in arizona on south mountain. i dont think i would find that trail very much fun. it just looks to easy

    • LeeL says:

      James – that’s funny! I just got back from riding in South Mountain and Sedona last week. The Bike Park easier trails in the video are, on the whole, less technical. More downhill gradient and way smoother. FYI the more technical trails are at the top which has yet to open; those will make you work a bit harder.

      All in all its nice to have variety

  • goober says:

    You so funny!!!

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