White Brothers, Pacenti, WTB, Rolf Prima, and more!


(a few non-builder highlights from NAHBS 2012 – White Brothers, Pacenti, WTB, Rolf Prima, Club Ride Apparel, VP Components, Rotor, Thomson)
The focus of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is definitely on the builders themselves, but several parts and accessory companies were on hand displaying their wares as well. Here are a few of our favorites.

White Brothers Snowpack Carbon Fatbike Fork:

The Snowpack fork from White Brothers was built in conjunction with the guys from Fatbikes.com. They (Fatbikes.com) were looking for a 135mm-spaced front fork optimized for one of their snow bikes and White Brothers delivered.

Snowpack features:
-135mm front disc hub
-34mm carbon legs
-forged aluminum crowns and dropouts
-Post mount disc tabs, disc only
-450mm or 468mm axle to crown
-42mm rake
-Weight: 910g

(The recommended hub for the Snowpack is the Paul Components 135mm WHUB front hub or Phil Wood, but WB also offers a caliper adapter for rear hub disc spacing.)
The Snowpack is available now and the MSRP is $445.00

More info: https://www.mountainracingproducts.com/white-brothers/snowpack/


Pacenti – Mega-Moto Tires and CL, TL, DL Rims

The new Mego-Moto 2.4 650B tirse from Kirk Pacenti are HUGE with a two-ply DH carcass and dual compound tread. The outside knobs are 42 durometer and are very sticky.

The tire is still in the testing phase and may or may not receive a change in the tread pattern related to the transitional knobs. Current estimate on availability is May-ish but may get pushed out if the tread design is updated (which would then push out the availability to mid/late summer).

New rims, the TL28 were also on display. The TL28 has actually been shipping since December. The new CL25 (XC) and DL31 (DH/SuperD/Enduro) rim are expected to be available in July. They’re also available in 26″ and 29er with MSRP $85.00

Mtbr is currently testing a set of Mega-Moto tires as well as the TL28 650B rims, so stay tuned for a future write-up!

More info: www.bikelugs.com


WTB – Frequency Rims and Moto tires

WTB is a long time supporter and favorite of the builders of the hand made trade (check out the Soulcraft Tradesman for liberal WTB parts usage) and had some of their latest products on display including the new Frequency rims and the Moto tire.

-Frequency i19 TCS Rim – USAGE:Cross Country / Trail – 390grams – MSRP:$75.00
-Frequency i19 TCS 29″ Rim – USAGE:Cross Country / Trail – 435grams – MSRP: $80.00
-Frequenecy i23 TCS Rim – USAGE:Trail / All Mountain – 475grams – MSRP:$75
-Frequency i23 TCS 29″ Rim – USAGE:Trail / All Mountain – 530grams – MSRP: $80.00
“Frequency rims combine the best of everything – UST compliant rim bead shapes designed to help keep tires on rims better, while a tape and sealant system shaves away critical weight. Featuring TCS technology, 4D spoke drilling, 7000 series alloy, I-beam construction, CID, and On-Ramp”

The new Moto tires is the reincarnation of super popular Motoraptor of old. The tread design is familiar, but more open with taller knobs. WTB founder and designer, Mark Slate explains: “The Motoraptor was a very successful tire for WTB. With the development of the Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) and the advancement of Dual DNA rubber compound, it was time to modify the design to fit today’s five and six inch travel market. The Moto is the result of tons of testing and feedback from our world-class racers, and is the natural evolution in the WTB line of performance tires.”

-Moto 2.1 Tire – USAGE:Cross Country – CONDITIONS:Wet to Dry / Loose to Rough – 640-710grams – MSRP: TBD
-Moto 2.3 Tire – USAGE:All Mountain – CONDITIONS:Wet to Dry / Loose to Rough – 800-840grams – MSRP: TBD
-Moto 1.9 29er Tire – USAGE:Cross Country / All Mountain – CONDITIONS:Wet to Dry / Loose to Rough – 650grams – MSRP: TBD

From the Manufacturer: “Do you believe in come backs? We do. The Moto is an aggressive square lugged tire designed to navigate through mud, rocks and loose soil. Developed and inspired by throttle twisters, the Moto has exceptional traction with stiff outside knobs so you can lean into turns with confidence and a dirt eating grin.”

WTB is also working on some new Laser Disc 650B Wheels and Wolverine 650B tires are also in the works. WTB already has the extrusions and molds for them, but they have to start the manufacturing process. They will probably not ready by Sea Otter.

More info: https://www.wtb.com/pdf/wheeltech/frequency_rim_faq.pdf


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Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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