Why no bicycle should go 60 mph – the motorbike that broke Simon Cowell’s back.

What Simon Cowell crashed with is no bicycle.


The Swind EB-01 boasts 15,000 watts of power and a top speed of 60+ mph. A legal ebike has 250 watts and is limited to 20 mph.

By now, you may have heard that television mogul, Simon Cowell broke his back this week in an ‘e-bike accident’. A deeper look into the equipment involved however reveals that it is no e-bike but rather a motorcycle with about 60 times the power of legal e-bikes.

Simon Cowell recently broke his back in 5 places as he tried his new, overpowered motorbike for the first time.

The motorcycle Simon Cowell was riding is the Swind EB-01, sporting the following vital stats:


Top Speed – ~75 mph
Power – 15,000 watts (legal e-bike is 250-500 watts)
Battery – 1750 wh
Weight – over 100 lbs
Price – $20,400
More info – https://swind.life/products/swind-eb-01-mountain/

Machines such as the Swind EB-01 are dangerous motorcycle masquerading as e-bikes. They are so outrageous and unsafe its country of origin, the UK has banned its use on public roads.

It is a mystery why they call these e-bikes when they are clearly motorcycles. Perhaps its to avoid safety regulations and registration and licensing/training of owners that they try to fly under the radar. But clearly, they are dangerous machines that have no business being sold or used on trails, bike paths, or even roads.

This video of the Swind bike outrunning a Ducati motorcycle reveals the danger of an overpowered, imbalanced motorcycle. The rider is leaning very far forward to prevent it from flipping backwards and throwing the rider.

Avoiding motorcycle regulations

In the US, motorcycle manufacturers have to comply with the NHTSA regulations detailed here when producing a motorcycle. Rearview mirrors, lights, brake fluids, tires, and displays are some of the key safety devices specified by the NHTSA. In addition, the driver needs to have a license to operate this vehicle.

This, in our opinion, is the reason some manufacturers are labeling their overpowered electric motorcycle an e-bike, to bypass regulations.

The dangers and the accident

Early details of Simon’s accident report that he was surprised by the power and fell on his back as the Swind motorcycle wheelied as he tested it in the courtyard of his home. How could Simon break his back in 5 places, riding a motorcycle in the courtyard of one’s home? Simon after all is an owner of many e-bikes but none like this one. This one has 60 times the power of a legal e-bike and it is very rear heavy with a massive motor in the rear hub.

In our opinion, this is what happened. Simon got delivery of the Swind motorcycle and wanted to sit on it and take it for a spin in his courtyard. With one initial blip of the throttle, the imbalanced bike looped out and wheelied throwing the rider backward with the motorcycle weighing in excess of 100 lbs landing on the rider. That’s why in the photo above and in the video of the Swind outrunning a Ducati, the rider is positioned, way, way forward, to prevent the bike from wheelieing and looping out.

We believe that this is what Simon refers too when he says, “read the manual”. The Swind manual probably has a bunch of disclaimers and warnings to prevent the dangerous bike from crashing. A motorbike with 30 times the power of a legal e-bike has no place outside of a motorcycle track, in trained, licensed hands. Electric motors to have almost instant torque available so it is truly dangerous in an imbalanced bike (no matter how much one ‘reads the manual’).

Bottom Line

Overpowered electric motorcycle are nothing new as there are few of them that have tried to make a splash over the last decade. The Swind EB-01 that Simon Cowell used and crashed on is a shining example of these dangerous machines.

Folks, of course, are responsible for their own actions and they’re free to choose what they want. And manufacturers can push the envelope and create whatever contraption they can.

But these machines have 60 times the power of a legal e-mtb with so much weight in the back hub motor and no clutch to regulate the power transfer. To call this a bicycle puts folks at risk and makes many believe that bicycles are very dangerous.

Our steer clear of these bike or take the time to really understand what you’re getting in to. Ride a real, legal e-bike. Or if your heart desires, a real motorcycle.

About the author: Francis Cebedo

The founder of mtbr and roadbikereview, Francis Cebedo believes that every cyclist has a lot to teach and a lot to learn. "Our websites are communal hubs for sharing cycling experiences, trading adventure stories, and passing along product information and opinions." Francis' favorite bike is the last bike he rode, whether it's a dirt jumper, singlespeed, trail bike, lugged commuter or ultralight carbon road steed. Indeed, Francis loves cycling in all its forms and is happiest when infecting others with that same passion. Francis also believes that IPA will save America.

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  • Andy W says:

    ebike IS a motor bike.. like no one expected this. ebikes are slowly ruining the sport. You asked for it. Thanks for nothing. Trail closures are next.

    • Garry W says:

      Pedal assist bikes are not ‘ruining the sport’. People are idiots on regular mountain bikes, they are idiots on pedal assist mountain bikes, they are idiots on e motorbikes. People have bad behavior no matter their mode of transport. Pedal assist ebikes are not motorbikes.

      • REB4 says:

        We called this years ago that is was going to be a slippery slope when you start putting motors on bikes. Horse riding, hiking and mountain biking trails do not allow motorized vehicles, PERIOD! But, but, but mine only has this much power…doesn’t matter, it’s still a motorized vehicle.

      • Zibwag says:

        But now these out of shape idiots are going much faster and are more dangerous. Riding a 50lb ebike and barreling through tight single track with the skills of a newbie is dangerous for everyone near them.

    • Paul says:

      Andy, your argument is based on your opinion, no evidence to back up what you say. As a result you’ve convinced me to the contrary.

      • Francis Cebedo says:

        >> Andy, your argument is based on your opinion, no evidence to back up what you say. As a result you’ve convinced me to the contrary.

        For sure this is an opinion piece meant to open up discussion. We discourage buying these bikes and riding them on bike trails. A ‘bicycle’ with 60 times the power of an e-mtb, no clutch to modulate power and all the motor weight in the rear hub is not good in our opinion.

        • Paul says:

          Francis, my response was directed to Andy W. “ebike is a motor bike….” In regards to your article, I support and agree with you.

    • Mike b says:

      Oh be quiet. Boo hoo.

    • SumGuy says:

      E-bikes are not ruining the sport, anti everything new types are. The same was true when it was fat tires, 1x drive trains, full suspension, and so on. People will always hate new things because they can’t afford it.

      This guy would have broke his back in the same type of crash no matter the bike. Sorry he broke his back, but this anti e-bike stuff is too much

  • bob bevard says:

    Your title. is misleading. They sometimes refer to full sized motorcycles as “bikes” but there is no confusion that it’s a powerful dirt bike and should be considered the same as a 300 KTM or similar bike. It’s not a bicycle!

    • dan says:

      The real question is, why is there such a simply legal loophole that manufactures can call their bike an “ebike” simply to avoid motorcycle legislation. I’m sure it’s partly marketing as well but this mislabeling shouldn’t be incentivized.

      • Francis Cebedo says:

        >> The real question is, why is there such a simply legal loophole that manufactures can call their bike an “ebike” simply to avoid motorcycle legislation. I’m sure it’s partly marketing as well but this mislabeling shouldn’t be incentivized.

        Yup. That’s our point as well. People are free to ride and build whatever contraption. We don’t want to incentivize of course and recommend people to buy and ride this. And labeling it as a bicycle just makes folks believe the bicycle is a dangerous device.

  • Harry says:

    A legal ebike in the US can have 750w nominal, no limit on peak power. The 250w emtbs you ride are simply a lower powered subset of what is legal.

    It’s no mystery as to why they are called ebikes, it’s so they can ride where bikes ride. Good luck keeping them out.

  • Jamie Garnish says:

    Really MTBR? That bike is a natural evolution of anything powered. There will always be those searching for More. What’s next, telling folks to avoid Tesla’s b/c they’re more powerful than they need to be? Instead of sounding like a Nanny, why not revel in the creativity and option available for those looking for extremes? And, just b/c some tv celeb “has been seen riding many e-bikes on his estate” doesn’t make him any kind of expert in anything. I’m sorry he got hurt, but if he was an expert he would’ve known what to watch out for. He was doing wheelies on it! He knew! Don’t make it about the bike. This one article could be enough to end my interest in MTBR…

    • Francis Cebedo says:

      >> Really MTBR? That bike is a natural evolution of anything powered. There will always be those searching for More.

      Electric motorcycles exist and this is one of them. Our issue it’s pretending to be a bicycle to skirt the NHTSA rules.

      The bike industry has been working hard to only create 250 watt ebikes and get them legalized. We know that outliers will exist, heck they’ve been around 12 years like that Stealth Bomber. But we think it is worth pointing out that this has 60 times the power of a legal ebike. And red flags for riding any kind of ebikes because of this incident is not quite warranted.

      • Harry says:

        It’s worth pointing out that it actually has 10x the power of a legal 750w ebike which peaks @ 1500w, it’s not 60x.

        The problem is that this sort of new vehicle category, the light emoto is booming and will force a reckoning in the near future. Light emotos like this, the Sur Ron and the Segway dirt bike exist in a blurry space where they are mtb sized and use mtb parts, but are edging into emoto performance. They are quiet, cheaper than many emtbs, and to many, way more fun. Sur Ron has sold 10,000 in the last 2 years essentially on word of mouth alone, and very few of their owners respect the requirements as to where they can ride them. It’s basically catch me if you can. They are riding them where we already ride, and it will affect emtb access in the future. No one has the time or money to monitor and sort out who is riding what, anything with a motor and pedals will be treated the same by other users and land managers.

      • jarko says:

        No…not the bike industry. It was the e-bike industry that worked hard to created 250 watt motorized bicycles, and get them legalized on non-motorized trails. Then they said, let’s include throttle bikes too, and then they said, let’s up that to 750 watts. Slippery slope !!! Now the regular bike companies are jumping on board for fear of losing out.
        But it’s regular cyclists and all our trail access efforts who will be the victims.

  • kdiff says:

    “Machines such as the Swind EB-01 are dangerous motorbikes masquerading as e-bikes”
    And e-bikes are motorbikes masquerading as bicycles.

    “It is a mystery why they call themselves e-bikes when they are clearly motorcycles”
    LOL, again, e-bikes are motorcycles.

    E-bike advocates think by becoming aggressive and bullying those of us against them that that will change reality. They also push a dishonest renaming of in hopes that somehow gives them validation when in reality they’re pedal-assisted motorcycles. Maybe once we can have an honest conversation about what they are, then we can have a productive conversation on trail access.

    There are going to be more & more of these on the trails as time goes on. In fact I saw one extremely similar to this on the trail this last Sunday except that it had a DVO triple clamp fork. (As I’m sitting here looking at the picture I took, I’m starting to think it is the same bike with the exception of some mods.)

    • uraderp says:

      E-bikes are not motorcycles. Electric motorcycles are motorcycles. You don’t have to pedal a motorcycle.

    • Garry W says:

      Motorbike riders have always had rogue elements who ride on inappropriate trails. You just saw the latest version of that, not the end of mountainbiking.
      Pedal assist ebikes are not motorbikes.

  • JasonP says:

    Thank you for setting the record straight, that is not an eMTB.

    • Mike LaLonde says:

      And a eMoTorBike is not a bicycle. Ha Ha I found you Jason! With most of the comments here it would seem you are up against a lot of opposition.

  • Hugo Vagino says:

    “It is a mystery why they call themselves e-bikes when they are clearly motorcycles. Perhaps its to avoid safety regulations and registration and licensing/training of owners that they try to fly under the radar. But clearly, they are dangerous machines that have no business being sold or used on trails, bike paths, or even roads.” – HUH that’s how most of us feel about turbo lev’s and their counterparts, yet you keep stuffing them down our throat.

  • AC says:

    It’s a mystery why bikes with power continue to try to call themselves nonmotorized. ebikes are ebikes, if it has power that doesn’t come from the rider, it’s motorized.

    The hand wringing over danger, oh my! Plenty of motorcycles have lots of horsepower. This was a rider issue.

  • Voree says:

    It’s only imbalanced if you’re unfamiliar with dirt bikes. It’s an electric motorcycle and should be labeled and managed as such. They could electronically make a beginner mode if they chose to. Its not unsafe, it’s high performance. If you have ridden a two stroke 250 in and out of the powerband, you get the idea. I’d ride that on dirt bike singletrack and closed courses and if they let me have a plate I’d ride it on the street.

  • Watchman1872 says:

    You would think a bike like that would have at least one or more low-power modes to give new riders some sort of a fighting chance. Based on this story, this thing is like a stick of dynamite. Due to the manufacturer’s apparent lack of judgement and foresight, I can easily see the company getting sued out of existence.

    • Francis Cebedo says:

      >>You would think a bike like that would have at least one or more low-power modes to give new riders some sort of a fighting chance.

      Yup! Simon Cowell has a bunch of ebikes and he never had a chance. His only words of advice was ‘when you buy an ebike, read the manual first.” It really seems like an unsafe product and a manual is not going to save most from the same fate.

      It’s become a coveted “rich man’s ultimate toy” and that demographic has little chance with this.

      • Alex says:

        Guys do this all the time on motorcycles leaving the dealership. Basically if your to stupid handle the power stay off them. This doesn’t make the bike dangerous, just like powerful front brakes don’t make people crash.
        Sucks that it happened, but it’s not the bikes fault and I see these on the trails all the time. Ebikes are the future and people want more power. This is legal under the current law. Don’t try to sugarcoat this as different from any other motorized bike.
        Stupid is as stupid does.
        Can’t wait to get mine when they start making XXL versions. Bigger the battery and the higher the speed the better. might as well go all in.

    • Jeremy says:

      Take some responsibility people!!, get on a YZ 250 if you want a motocross experience. There is no guarantee that you will not get hurt. This may well be a high powered electric bike and I am sure there are plenty of riders who can handle it. There are also plenty of riders to inexperienced to ride it. Does a beginner pilot expect to fly a helicopter with no experience? He treats the machine with the respect it deserves. Same in this case do not unleash a high powered electric motorcycle in your front garden until you are competent with it. Not the manufacturers fault is implied by others

  • FMF says:

    I just look at this whole incident as karma in action.
    And fwiw, any bike with a throttle, gas or electric, is a motorcycle not an e-bike and should be licensed accordingly.

  • David Fink says:

    Looks like an e-bike to me. Do a search for “e-bike bypass pedal assist”.

  • Brad Trent says:

    That video might be the single most irresponsible thing I’ve eve seen to promote a product and in the hands a even a shitty lawyer could open them up to massive liability lawsuits…

  • Gabe Harper says:

    It has pedals. It’s an electric bicycle. Not meeting regulations for a street legal eBike in some countries doesn’t make it a motorbike. If I remove the muffler from my car it would be illegal, but it would certainly still be a car. Furthermore, legal pedal-assist eBikes have a motor, so therefor are also motorbikes.

    The overall biased tone and ranting nature of this article make it pretty hard to understand or appreciate whatever point it is the author is trying to make. I don’t know why it made it to my inbox but I regret clicking it. 🤣

  • Bo Nian says:

    New rule… if the average rider can’t pick it up and carry over the obstacles on a cyclocross course, then it’s a motorcycle not a bicycle. That being said, anyone have a spare $20k? I could use that for my bike commute.

  • DtEW says:

    Any “e-bike” that grossly exceeds even the peak transient power output of freak, world-class athletes no longer qualifies as assistance, and should be legally-treated as an e-motorbike, hence subject to either NHTSA regulations, or limited to off-highway (read: track) use only.

    While there should be no laws prohibiting obvious affectations like cranks & pedals (unless they are found to be safety hazards) on the Swind EB-01, it is imperative that both gov’t and the e-bike industry come together to unambiguously define (and publicize) what an e-bike is and isn’t. I think this whole episode is a matter of lay media* not knowing any better and failing to consult anybody better-in-the-know. It’s also convenient that the story is more sensational if they go with the lay misunderstanding. With more publicizing of what defines an e-bike vs. e-motorcycle, the lay media will actually fear coming across as stupid and ignorant if the audience might be better-in-the-know.

    * As somebody who works in a scientific field, I am almost always frustrated by how much technical stories are distorted by the lay media for both sensationalism and just simple ignorance.

  • Joe says:

    Thanks guys, now I want one!

  • Gus Laskaris says:

    Hang on…it’s an eBIke. Yeah, it’s more powerful than most of them but it seems that the definition of an eBike actually depends on some arbitrary power limit…500 watts is cool but 600 is a motorcycle…more than anything else.

    500 watts is more than most professional racers can produce and they can sprint at close to 40 MPH. Spare us the outrage. I understand that MTBR and the entire cycling press has to please its advertisers but eBikes are motorcycles in any configuration.

  • Rob says:

    I had a moped when I was a teenager and it was limited to less than 50cc’s. Max speed was 20MPH. E-bikes of today are the equivalent of a moped in the past. There MUST be a power limit to enable an “E-bike” to remain an E-bike and skirt safety regulations for motorcycles that are designed for all of us. Just like a helmet and seatbelt law exists and many others. A civilized society doesn’t let incredibly dangerous “toys” be used without proper safety measures. Something that goes 60MPH must have a break light, rear view mirrors, etc. It makes sense! It is no fun to take care of a relative with a TBI–Traumatic Brain Injury!

  • robert says:

    it has a motor it must be dangerous

  • Rob says:

    An e-bike designation should only be used for bikes that provide power in assisted mode, i.e. when the rider is pedaling. If a bike provides power without pedaling then it is a moped or motorcycle. Clearly we need some strict e-bike regulations from the federal government.

  • DYoung says:

    Please stope referring to motorized cycles as “bikes”. A “bike” or “bicycle” has meant pedal-power for decades. Any two-wheeled machine with a motor should be referred to as a motorcycle or motorbike. This is a marketing and legislative ploy to get motorized vehicles on same trails as mountain bikes.

  • Jeffrey D Smith says:

    Ebike or Motorcycle, that will all get worked out in due time.

    Like always, know your machine and know your self, i.e. know the abilities and limitations of both!

    For now it just looks like another way to have fun to me!

  • Rick says:

    But…but…eBikes will allow greater access to our sport…we can regulate which types of eBikes use our trails…we must embrace this new technology….anyone claiming that eBikes will cost us trail access is ignorant and alarmist….blah blah blah.
    First time I see something like this on our local eBike-prohibited trails, I’m beating the rider’s ass. This sh-t WILL cost us our sport.

  • Bob Don’tch Know says:

    This article was a bit….underwhelming. Here is why I think that.

    1st- I personally don’t care about ‘E-bikes’ or MotorBikes as long as trail access is not lost due to them, the riders and the industry trying to rush into a business without working out the details first (or at all).
    2nd- I don’t own an Ebike and don’t plan on buying one due to cost and I’d rather not have anything else to worry about on my MTB’s. If I was given one and my trails were ‘rated or accepting of Emtb’s, then yes, I would rip it. No doubt.

    Here is my simple understanding in a simple but probably not perfect analogy;

    Regular pedal Bike=BB gun (.17 cal) you have to pump between each shot
    Pedal assist Ebike= .22 caliber short rim fire
    Ebikes with throttles (The ones that go 20mph max)= .22 caliber long
    Ebikes that can go 70mph= .45 caliber
    Trials motorcycle (gas)= .556 NATO
    Motor cycles (street bikes)=.308 Winchester
    Drag racing motorcycle (both gas and electric)= .50 caliber Rifle

    They all have two wheels and are fun to ride, just as they all shoot projectiles and can be used for hunting. But as you go down the list the responsibility gets larger. Also as you go down the list they are also more regulated because of the inherent risk.

    Sucks what happened to Simon, but he went from using a .22cal to using a .45 cowl’ and was not being responsible. If you think I am being ignorant just look up Shooting Fails and you will see people who are over their heads, don’t have the proper respect for what they are handling and end up getting hurt or embarrassed at the least. Same goes for bikers of all sorts (ie regular pedal, Ebike, motorbike).

    I like riding and don’t mind sharing the trail with anyone on anything as long as there is a universal understanding and respect. Double track/fire road with or without features that is ‘rated for multi use great. Single track multi use, great. Single track, bike (I’m not a law maker so I won’t discern between Ebike and bicycle) and hike only, great. Hike only trail great.

    The world just needs some more respect and bipartisanship within all aspects, including biking and then maybe people will be happier and ride their darn bikes!


    • Garry W says:

      Nice analogy. You can bet a lot of the anti ebike brigade are gun owners and will tell you ‘guns don’t kill people’ until they are blue in the face.
      People do stupid things whether they are on foot, riding a bike, riding a motorbike, driving a car. Pedal assist bikes are not the problem. Stupid people doing stupid things are a problem, as are the willfully uninformed who shout it down without understanding.

    • Michael M says:

      Since I have a Barrett .50 I can now drag race bikes. Awesome. I do love the gun comparison. But you left off the S&W 500 series pistols LOL.

  • KC says:

    Of course it’s an e-bike. It’s got the standard pedaled drive train, it just happens to have a more powerful electric motor than other e-bikes. There are plenty of e-bikes out there with throttles, that just means it’s not a pedelec. People who make their bed and don’t want to sleep in it…

    • Francis Cebedo says:

      >> Of course it’s an e-bike. It’s got the standard pedaled drive train, it just happens to have a more powerful electric motor than other e-bikes. There are plenty of e-bikes out there with throttles, that just means it’s not a pedelec.

      It’s a motorcycle. One can put pedals too on a Ducati to stretch the truth but that doesn’t make it a bicycle. 60 times the power of a legal e-bike is a little bit of different beast and shouldn’t pretend to be one.

      • Michael M says:

        e = electric powered
        bike- vehicle having pedal that can create motion
        This meets both.
        A moped is not an ebike but you could call it a motorbike. Like they do and did with the old motorbikes from the early part of the twentieth century. You know except those without pedals.
        When you say “legal” ebike you are talking about ‘road legal’ ebikes. This is designed for off road use.
        The only party at fault here is Simon for NOT reading and understanding his owners manual and buying something that he does not have the skills to control. But now he has the respect for it.
        Can I get Simons number please. I bet I can pick this up for a great deal right now.

      • jarko1 says:

        The amount of power doesn’t change the basic definition of a vehicle type. A vehicle with 4 wheels and a motor is called an automobile, regardless of whether it has 50 HP or 1000 HP. A bicycle being powered by a human with pedals is a bicycle, regardless of whether the rider is Lance or a 3 year old. Arbitrary legal definitions of classes don’t mean sqat.

  • Francis says:

    These are already US classification of ebikes.

    Class I – Pedal assist up to 20mph support (mostly referred as eMTB). This class is mostly allowed in California bike parks now such as Mammoth, Snow Summit. Also allowed on some trails.

    Class II – with throttle up to 20mph.
    Class III – with throttle and up to 28mph.

    Simon ebike is not on this classification at all.

    People still think emtb is a motorcycle probably haven’t ride one yet.

  • Jake says:

    Only dangerous in the hands of unskilled riders! Road bikers are hitting 60+ mph on steep downs hills on their 700c tires, skill and experience…..

  • Mark Green says:

    If a bike has a throttle, be it gas or electric, it is NOT a bicycle. A real e-bike offers peddle assist up to 20 mph, when battery boost ceases until speed decreases under 20 mph. The Swind EB is a battery powered motorcycle, NOT a bicycle.

  • Ales says:

    Superfluous discussion. There’s nothing prohibiting building and marketing such a vehicle. By any standards, this is considered a motorcycle. In California it requires an M1 motorcycle license and registration as a motorcycle plus all liability insurance for such vehicles. May be not allowed on freeways. In the E.U. this is also a motorcycle requiring an A2 class license, full registration and insurance. In the U.K. this is a full motorcycle too, probably same requirements as in the E.U as the driving license requirements are aligned. E-bike enthusiasts not having above mentioned motorcycle licenses are committing a violation if they operate this vehicle on public roads. Some countries may allow registered operation with a car driver license.

  • Karl says:

    So Simon Cowell didn’t event get out of his driveway. To his defense, these things look pretty unrideable, off-road in particular. Hit a bump and oopsy, open the throttle unintentionally. You can get away with that on a regular cross bike. These things? Dart out from underneath just like that.

  • RobertW says:

    Any mechanical power assist makes it a motorcycle. You cannot put pedals on motorcycle and pretend it is a bicycle.

  • Pete says:

    I came here expecting a well thought out article. Instead I got a quick “get off my lawn” article. Disappointed to say the least.

  • Michael M says:

    First 100% Simon’s fault. Not the bike. Not the manufacturer. Not any regulation. You cant fix stupid is a statement of fact. But you can beat it out of someone. That is what has happened here. If you are clueless as to what you are buying and you DONT read the manual then this is what happens. I raced downhill in the late 80’s through 2001. We routinely hit speeds over 70MPH and 80 was not uncommon. This was before we had all the high flying jumps and Red Bull getting into it all and making it all technical and jumps.

    Mr. Cebedo, I’d like to see your Ducati with an active pedaling drive train. You do not have the engineering ability to make this that works. I am a mechanical and structural engineer and it would challenge me.
    Lets just stay on your logic here for a minute. Did you know that there is a difference between a moped, a scooter, and a motorcycle? To follow you these three are the same. This ebike is just that, an EBIKE. It is surly a extreme ebike and maybe not street legal, but an ebike none the less.

    I do understand your point but to place this anywhere but 100% on the feet of Simon is emotionally based not logically. I fully support the availability of these ebikes. But people better know what the hell they are getting into. Clearly these can kill you.

  • scat silvurz says:

    It’s a poor artist that blames their brush…………..

  • tom says:

    Technology is always so much faster than gov regulation, and on top of that, new products are usually a new category adding to the challenges. Drones come to mind as well. But regulation wouldn’t stop that accident from happening. People will always buy the cool toy if they can even if it exceeds their skill. Think rich kids getting their first motorcycle and going out and buying a 1000cc superbike. Or just watch any mtn bike fails video and see people taking on trails beyond their ability.

  • Older'nslower says:

    It looks like fun to me, but at over 20K? There are way too many options, both e-bike and motorcycle, at way lower price points.

  • Mike M says:

    That thing looks insane, but the price is even more insane.

  • Paddyosonic says:

    OK, definitely not a street-legal e-bike here in Ontario. 500 watts max allowed and max speed (motor only) 32 kph. Clearly Mr. Cowell should have understood that he was stepping onto an e-motorcycle and not just another one of his e-bikes. Shame what happened to him but how could he not understand what he was getting into? As far as I understand, the regulations on e-motorcycles already exist. (though I don’t see anybody around here riding them) I have to point out that the crankset hanging from that thing is a like a huge glaring lie. It’s a motorcycle (as defined by its power rating) and you shouldn’t be hanging a crankset on it. I’m in agreement with the author on this point. Also, where I live, e-bikes (in all forms) are allowed on regular roads and bike lanes only. They are prohibited on multi-use paths and trails. Still, I see dorks taking them there anyways and the cops seem to do nothing about it. Half the e-bikers I see here aren’t following the helmet law either, again, the cops do nothing. The legal e-bikes are already enough of a safety problem, especially this year, with COVID 19 resulting in double the number of people taking to bicycles and e-bikes as transportation to avoid public transit. I’m not crazy about sharing bike lanes with regular e-bikes. I sure do not want to see them on our local trails. But if I see some idiot show up on a trail with one of these, I’m shooting video and reporting it.

  • Joseph Deprospero says:

    This is a “motorcycle” pedals or not. An e-bike is an electric bike to assist someone in climbing a hill or go longer than usual distances…An ebike can’t go faster than 25mph. Am electric motorbike is classed to go up to 80 mph. It would need to stay off the trails and go to to dirt bike tracks.

    Fact: Simon Cowl feel of a motorbike not an e-bike.

    Journalist’s Learn how to use the English language before you print something and confuse people with your Ignorance.

  • Matthew M Daniels says:

    It’s not labeled as an e-bike it’s an electric motorcycle let me reiterate that it is an electric motorcycle not the same thing bad journalism is spreading that it was an electric e-bike

    • Francis Cebedo says:

      >> It’s not labeled as an e-bike it’s an electric motorcycle let me reiterate that it is an electric motorcycle not the same thing bad journalism is spreading that it was an electric e-bike.

      In their website and all their materials, it’s labeled as a bicycle. And that is our main point here that we want to clarify. Because of that, almost every mainstream media we’ve seen, (and there are many hundreds), state it as a bicycle. It makes the bicycle appear very dangerous to most folks and we want to dispel that.

      • john says:

        Does an E-bike have a motor?
        If yes it is a motorbike.
        Your comment is just as smart as the one that a beer can save anything.
        E-bikes are crashing and causing a lot of problems meny places in the world but making money is more important than anything else.
        E-bikes are good for nothing as well as E-scooters.

  • Preston says:

    The real problem I see is that’s the ugliest 2 wheel machine I’ve ever seen. Including the Marin Mt. Wolf.

  • Brent says:

    Really MTBR?
    It has pedals, electric motor, and a battery. By your very own definition it is an ebike and just because you think it goes too fast you think no one should ride it? You guys are the ones promoting these things, so reap what you sow. You get soooo excited when someone builds a light ebike, but it is wrong if someone does what humans do naturally, put bigger motors in things? You say It makes the bicycle appear very dangerous to most folks and we want to dispel that. Geeze, get off of it, anything is dangerous in the wrong hands.

  • Richard Lee says:

    All European countries are supposed to have the same regulations for motor vehicles. This for both design and use and for operation licensing vehicle taxation and driver testing.
    The UK regulations for learner motorcycles is 12bhp petrol or 10kw electric. Its in black and white.
    Does the purchaser need to show they have suitable entitlement to operate this vehicle. Of course not. It can be used off road.
    If it is sold for road use it must have design approval. Covered by extensive regulation and be taxed insured and registered. It must comply with the mot laws in due course and be road legal at all times as must the rider.
    But as many have said the problem here is more likely the operator. Not the machine.
    If the failure is with the makers they could find significant action is heading their way as we speak.

  • Jeff says:

    Correct the Geo, put the motor in the body, put some pegs on it and that’s a pretty badass vehicle! Dirt road / pit track destroyer! Lightweight silent dirt bikes… I’m all for it. Throw some cheesy pedals on it to avoid a bunch of government red tape in the name of fun… not seeing the problem here except for Karen and the fun police.

  • kendunn says:

    Pedals would make 70mph extremely dangerous. Bikes this fast are motorbikes and not human powered, not at all.

  • mitresaw says:

    i would not want to push it home

  • jarko1 says:

    The e-bike industry is trying to have it both ways! They argued for years that class 2 bikes (with throttle and pedals) were NOT motorcycles, so that they could get them approved on non-motorized bike trails. NOW they are saying that this electric bike with pedals and a throttle is NOT an e-bike. Which is it?
    Ebikes of all kinds should be called Mopeds. They have a motor and pedals. Sounds like the perfect name for them.

  • David Turner says:

    It’s easy to see from 3 minutes of Google searching that more power is always going to be desirable. It will not be possible to hop a typical electric mtb up like the rocket bike that flipped Simon on his ass, but for many a chip will be a given upgrade.








  • Zack says:

    I wish people would stop talking about what is legal and what is not. 250W, nominal 750W, 20mph top speed without pedal assist, those are all wrong. There is literally no nationwide law about what delineates a legal bike and an illegal e-bike. Everything is by state, and it rarely even takes into account e-anything. Simon Cowell was in California, but he was on private property so no laws applied at all.

    In New Mexico, any two-wheeled thing with any kind of mechanical power source is considered a motorcycle, and all motorcycle licensing is done by cc displacement (50cc, 50-100cc, and >100cc), so no e-bike, electric moped, or even electric scooter can legally be ridden at all, even if it is 100W and has a top speed of 5mph.

    But people ride all of those. I shattered my leg on a regular mountain bike, on a designated bike path. People are hit by cars and killed on foot. Motorcyclists are run over by cars. None of it has anything to do with engine size, and nobody gives a crap when an individual hurts themselves. It’s not like Simon Cowell crashed into a troop of Girl Scouts. Therefore, there aren’t going to be “trail closures” or new laws coming out of it. Those come in when there’s a big cost to insurance companies or taxpayers. Motorcycle helmet laws didn’t come into effect until it was shown that brain damaged crash victims on life support were costing taxpayers millions in Medicaid reimbursements.

  • Carston Fuzell says:

    As usual, operator error. I’m shocked that someone as arrogant and self centered as Simon Cowell is so stupid…NOT.

    About $150 worth of gyroscope and computer power would completely eliminate all front wheel lift, or limit the degree of lift to any predetermined angle.

    Add 2-wheel drive to this bike and watch out.

  • circuitsports says:

    Too bad he didn’t use Gordon Ramsey as a jump ramp first whose been out running red lights on his bike lately. I’m more worried about the driver that nearly had PTSD and that poor tree he almost hit.

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