Wiha Color Coded Hex Set review

Color coding helps you grab the right wrench the first time

Wiha Color Coded Hex Set review

The range of colors of the Wiha Color Coded Hex Set is plenty wide enough to distinguish each wrench.

What is it

The Wiha Color Coded Hex Set is, as the name implies, a clever color-coded hex set that comes in standard metric sizing from 1.5mm to 10mm. The color coding enables home mechanics to pick up the right size wrench merely by its hue, which is especially handy when you get down to the 0.5mm increments.

  • Handy color coding
  • Quality German construction
  • Nickel chrome base
  • Non-slip holster
  • Touch expensive

Mtbr’s take

Okay, in all honesty there’s not a lot to review here. Hex sets aren’t sexy or exciting. Until the ends get rounded from overuse, they all pretty much get the job done. What separates the Wiha Color Coded Hex Set is simple: color coding. It makes so much sense that you wonder why everybody doesn’t do it.

Wiha Color Coded Hex Set review

The Wiha Color Coded Hex Set’s non-slip holster is compliant enough to allow wrenches to pivot for ease of removal.

While experienced wrenches may be able to eyeball identify a 1.5mm wrench from a 2mm, I’ve wasted way too much time guessing wrong when installing grips, dropper post remotes, computer mounts, and countless other tiny-bolt gadgetry.

The colors of the Wiha Color Coded Hex Set have plenty of ano pop, and the German tool maker smartly differentiates them enough to avoid quick-glance confusion. You’re not going to mistake the red 5mm for the purple 4mm. The only possible hiccup is distinguishing the blue 3mm from the green 2mm in dim light. Their lengths are different enough, though, to avoid that mix-up.

Beyond colorization, the Wiha Color Coded Hex Set benefits from precise German engineering. The blades are chrome-vanadium-molybdenum, feature a rust-resistant nickel-chrome base finish, and they feel solid in the hand.

Wiha Color Coded Hex Set review

The color coding especially works for small wrenches.

The Wiha Color Coded Hex Set’s holster provides easy pivoting of the keys but is secure enough to prevent flopping around or unintentional sliding out. Topping it all off, Wiha offers a no hassle 1-year warranty.

I stumbled across the Wiha Color Coded Hex Set on Amazon’s Prime shopping day. Other color-coded sets exist, but Wiha’s checks the most boxes. I haven’t had enough time to evaluate long-term performance, but so far haven’t found any gotchas.

That said, it’s by no means the cheapest set you’ll find, color-coded or not — although it’s often sale-priced and available now direct from Wiha for $24 marked down from $36. My experience is a few dollars extra is worth it when it comes to tool functionality and reliability. The cheap ones fail just when you need them most.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $36 but currently on sale for 24

More info: www.wihatools.com

About the author: Paul Andrews

Dividing his time between Seattle and Santa Cruz, career journalist Paul Andrews has more than a quarter century of mountain biking under his belt, which he wishes had a few less notches.

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  • Tom says:

    Great idea. I want. Went to website. OUT OF STOCK!!!

  • josh says:

    Good find. Hopefully they last.
    I bought a color-coded set from PB Swiss more than a decade ago. They’ve seen plenty of use and still interface nicely with hardware. 3-4x the price but good tools are worth the coin. After a few years of seeing more use of Torx caps, it might be time for someone to color code a set.

  • josh says:

    Bought a similar color-coded set from PB Swiss well over a decade ago, and they’re still in great shape after seeing plenty of action. More than 4x the cost, but I’ve long since forgotten that expenditure and don’t see a need to replace them anytime soon.

    What I don’t have is a full set of Torx tools but it seems inevitable. Might be time…

  • jim says:

    On sale in Wiha for $23 now. They are the best. I’ve got a set over 10 years old that is still my go to.

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