Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grips ideal for riders with big hands

U.S. made grips use dual density compound for improved vibration damping

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At 36mm, the new Fat Paw is the fattest silicone grip available on the market.

At 36mm, the new Fat Paw is among the biggest silicone grips currently on the market (click to enlarge).

In an industry where every whim or perceived need is catered to, one area with a glaring need for improvement is large diameter grips. While there are any number of choices for those with small hands, options are limited if you’ve chosen bikes over a career in the NBA.

The Fat Paw measures 36mm when installed, which is 2mm wider than the ESI Extra Chunky.

The Fat Paw are 2mm wider than the ESI Extra Chunky grips (click to enlarge).

The latest offering from Wolf Tooth seeks to change that. Developed in conjunction with RedMonkey Sport, the new Fat Paw is a large size diameter silicone grip that uses a 9.5mm silicone wall, that when installed, has an exterior measurement of a girthy 36mm.

The use of a dual density compound helps with vibration damping.

Dual density compound improves vibration damping (click to enlarge).

The grips use a dual density compound that offers improved vibration damping. The inner layer is more dense, while the outer layer is softer and more porous. This combination is claimed to help reduce hand fatigue and finger numbness. The exterior of the grip also has a tacky texture, which is designed to work with or without gloves.

The new made-in-the-USA grips will be available in mid April. Retail is set at $23.95. For more information visit www.wolftoothcomponents.com and redmonkeysports.com.

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  • Niner EMD9 says:

    I hope they make a grey colored grip

  • Tom says:

    I just installed a set of these. Coming from ESI Extra Chunkies, a couple of pre-ride observations:

    Though the specs say 2 mm larger diameter, installed is 3 mm larger than the ESIs.

    They are round, so no hassle at installation with trying to correctly orient the “bulge” of the ESIs.

    They seem a little denser.

  • GuyOnMTB says:

    That would be awesome to see these in a lock-on.

  • Levi says:

    I have been running grips from Redmonkey for the past 2 years. I have tried and enjoyed every grip and width they come out with. I still have yet to be anything, but AMAZED. wider grip means more comfort. The durability of these silicone grips is very amazing. Other silicone grips I had tried prior always fell apart when I crashed. I can always count on durability and comfort with ant grips made from Redmonkey. Go get some!!!!

  • Tom says:

    Follow up report. Three long rides, and I’m sold. Tacky. Not fragile. Big. Round, not oval. Just the right amount of cushioning. No crashing (yet) but these are clearly “tougher” than my ESIs.

  • Peacock says:

    I ran the ESI extra chunky for 2 years and loved them. I got the Wolf Tooth and like them even more. Would use either happily.

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