Wolf Tooth teases Reverb lever and possible cable conversion

Social media hints at hydraulic to cable actuated lever is in the works

Wolf Tooth ReMote

The ReMote from Wolf Tooth is a popular upgrade for those using cable actuated dropper posts.

Wolf Tooth is a little brand from Minnesota that likes to solve problems. They’re best known for their drivetrain solutions, but they make all sorts of products. Recently, they changed our world with the ReMote dropper post lever.

Most brands are so fixated on developing a dropper post that won’t fail that they don’t pay sufficient attention to the contact point. Freed of that constraint, Wolf Tooth has created the best dropper post lever on the market. Rather than gushing on, we’ll let you catch all the details here.

Wolf Tooth Component Reverb ReMote

What is Wolf Tooth working on?

The only problem with the lever is that it only works with cable actuated posts. The RockShox Reverb is one of the most popular droppers on the market. It’s hydraulic and ships as OEM spec on a huge number of mid- to high-end mountain bikes.

The Dehy kit from BikeYoke converts the Reverb from a hydraulically actuated cable to mechanical.

The Dehy kit from BikeYoke converts the Reverb from a hydraulically actuated cable to mechanical.

From a picture posted to Instagram, it appears Wolf Tooth has found a solution. If you squint hard enough, you’ll notice not only a ReMote but a cable. Perhaps they’re working on a hydraulic-to-cable conversion? It’s been done before by BikeYoke. We’ve been testing their Dehy (which stands for de-hydraulic) for several months with zero complaints.

We’ve reached out to Wolf Tooth for comment and will update if we get a reply.

To learn more info, stay tuned to www.wolftoothcomponents.com.

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  • hugh says:

    Saris, are you sure that’s a cable? I’m assuming you’re looking at the silver blurry spot near to the thumb lever, as a cable end cap? On the other WT remotes the cable & end cap tuck behind the thumb lever paddle so wouldn’t be visible.

    Don’t get me wrong — I’d love to see a Dehy-like conversion, so I hope you’re right! — just not 100% convinced that’s what we’re looking at here. That said, it would be a pretty big shift in technology & know-how for WT to come out with a hydraulic lever.

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