X Fusion Shox's Ryan Condrashoff Welcomes the New Year


For Immediate Release:

Update from Condro,

“I am glad 2009 is wrapped up. After breaking my collarbone at the Open and discovering my left wrist would require surgery, my racing season was concluded. It has been a long road of recovery that started on May 25th and once my collarbone healed, I went under the knife for my wrist on July 28th. My surgery was pretty critical and due to the fragile nature of the repair I was in a cast for 9 weeks. I was going insane from lack of exercise and the stench of my cast. The only thing that helped me maintain my grip on sanity was going on one handed XC rides with my girlfriend. ”

“When they finally removed my cast I couldn’t even believe I was looking at my own arm. It was literally skin and bones. My wrist was unable to move or bare weight. Physical therapy helped reestablish some range of motion and my doctor allowed me to get back on the trainer. It was such a struggle to keep it mellow once I got on the XC bike but I knew it was best for my wrist. ”

“Currently, my wrist is able to take some riding as long as I wear the correct brace. I was pumped to be able to attend the X Fusion Side Flight Championships. Hitting such big jumps straight off the couch was a pretty good feeling, but I knew my wrist strength still had a long way to go and that riding was not the way to improve it. So I have been doing rehabilitation exercises prescribed to me by my PT and getting in a bunch of other hobbies that I love as well.”

(more info and photos of Ryan in action)

“I moved up to South Lake Tahoe for the month of January to get in some snowboarding and snowshoeing. It has been a great way to get in some activity that doesn’t involve my wrist. Although my break from riding was unplanned it has really been good for me as a rider. It has been nice to have time to let some of my more minor injuries heal and reevaluate my approach to the sport of downhill. I am more excited for 2010 than any season prior. I will be riding with a new team of guys with the support of some amazing companies and back on home soil (for the most part). Keep your eyes open for the press release. Also I started my own company, Condro, and got a phone call from the Yellow Pages about getting a listing going this morning. 2010 will be a great season, can’t wait to get back on the race track with all my friends! ”


More On Ryan Here: https://www.x-fusion-shox.com/team/xfusion/mid/2

source: John Hauer, X-Fusion Shox

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