YT Industries bike packaging and unboxing

A packing job worth noting

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YT Industries Tues Box

The box itself is massive and it is secured with three straps to ensure it stays closed.

What is it?

YT Industries is a consumer-direct company and they expect to ship a lot of bikes to consumers in boxes. So instead of picking up their shiny new bike at the bike shop, the consumer puts his fate on the packing job of YT and the gentle hands of shipping carriers around the world. In the US, the YT carrier is FedEx and that is the best choice indeed for protecting precious cargo.

But how is the packing job? What are the chances of receiving a damaged or scratched bike? How difficult is it to assemble correctly?

Box Opening

Opening the box reveals a bike that is almost perfectly packed.

The experience

We’re happy to report that YT Bikes are the best packaged bikes in the industry. As bike companies start shipping directly to consumers, we’ve seen this art evolve from caveman style to an engineering feat. YT went to such extremes that it shocked even us seasoned bike package recipients. It really is a whole new level of packaging and we think consumers will benefit from the experience.

It removes a lot of risk and anxiety as well as high end consumers want their bikes to arrive in perfect condition. The rider WANTS to put the first scratch in, not the UPS man.

Inspection Card

Top and center is a detailed inspection card and full color assembly instructions.

The other wildcard is many consumers are not confident they can assemble a bike correctly. They don’t know what’s involved and what tools they need. Some bikes come zero percent assembled while many come 80% assembled. YT ships their bikes 95% assembled and it really takes about 30 minutes to put it together.

YT professionally assembles each bike first in their Reno, Nevada facility (in the US) and breaks it down minimally to fit it in the box for shipping. They use an extra large box to minimize disassembly required.


The biggest source of damage during shipping is the collision or rubbing of loose bike parts into each other. YT took extreme steps to keep them separated.

Engineered cardboard

The most fascinating part of unboxing a YT bike is observing all the cardboard pieces they’ve engineered to ensure the bike is packed and protected properly. We simply haven’t seen this level of engineering with cardboard. Each piece is designed, cut and labeled for a specific job and it’s shaped to stay in place. While the best packing jobs we’ve seen use an abundance of foam and bubble wrap, YT relies on cardboard and separation of all the pieces from each other.

Box Contents

Laying the box contents on the floor reveals how each piece is protected with custom cardboard pieces.

A good video of the consumer’s bike building experience is available below.

First Ride

After 30 minutes of assembly and 30 minutes of fitting the rider, the new owner Ryan, a high school student from San Jose, CA was off on his first ride on the new steed. The bike performed flawlessly and the only adjustment needed was a few 3 click turns on the rear derailleur adjuster.

YT Jeffsy on Trail

Our new owner took the YT Jeffsy on its maiden ride at St. Joes Trail in Los Gatos, Ca.

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